Are all submissions published?

I will publish as many stories as I can, based on appropriateness for this site.

How do I post my story?

Please use the submission form here . . .  Story Submission Form

Can I use stories on this site for my own site or reprint them for any purpose?

No.  Please respect the authors of these stories.  You may share the links to these stories, but I ask that you please use only the direct link to the story you are wanting to share, so that the reader is directed to the story on this website only.

What types of stories are appropriate for submission?

Any story that has a theme of Faith, would be appropriate.  You know those stories that give you the instant recognition that it had to be a “God Thing”.  Please write your story in first person, with yourself as the main character of the story.

How can I support “Stories About Faith”?

The best form of support is by submitting your stories about faith.  I do have a Faith Based Business, where I offer “physical and tangible reminders of your faith” which is Christian Jewelry.  If you are interested in looking at my jewelry designs, I invite you to browse our main site . . . Carla’s Angels

Can I invite my friends to submit a story?

Absolutely, yes, please do…

Why isn’t my comment showing up?

Each comment will be reviewed and approved before added to the article that you are commenting on.  I will review and approve comments as quickly as I can.