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USMC Angel Pin

USMC Angel Pin

CODE: Usmc Angel



The USMC Harley Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver trousers.  He carries an American flag, Marine insignia and a Harley Motorcycle.  There are 4 hearts scattered across the wings.

Actual size - 2 inches
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USMC Harley Angel Pin
Price $19.95

Designed by request of Brent's wife.

I love your pins so much and was wondering if you could design a special pin for my husband.

He served in the USMC but was injured and received an honorable discharge. He also loves to ride his Harley Davidson motorcycle.  He is a true American and holds true to God, country, corps, family.

I would love to give him a pin that shows four hearts representing God, country, corps, family. An angel similar in size to "jay's angel" with a motorcycle and USMC seal or just the initials and maybe even a USA flag.

This is my way of keeping him safe while he rides.

Engraving is not available on this design. 

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