When you pay a visit of condolence to the grieving family, present them with a unique, and very personal sympathy gift - a custom designed angel pin. An angel pin is the most appropriate expression of sorrow for the distressed family and will be cherished for many years.


Browse the Angel Pin index for a design that you like, or request a custom design just for your loved one.  Be sure to include the time sensitivity of your request

Condolence orders are always top priority.

You may also be interested in our bereavment packages.

 This package ships out every month to the bereaved, you order a 6 month package or a 12 month package and your friend or loved one will receive a different angel pin each month from you along with a hand-written card.

We handle everything for you, so you order once and packages automatically get delivered each month.

Life gets busy, but you want to be sure to reach out and touch this very special person at least once a month, let us  help.

For less than the cost of a nice floral arrangement, you can send a monthly gift and card that shows your compassion and sympathy in a thoughtful way.


Or, maybe you want to send a lot of angel pins to the funeral to be worn by family and friends during the funeral.  These can be used as "thank you" gifts or any purpose the family chooses.

This package can be delivered directly to the funeral home along with a hand written condolence card from you.  This is an affordable way to reach more of the immediate family members.

This package starts at $30 for 10 angel pins and is priced at wholesale pricing.

For an additional cost, you can have each angel pin carded on a memorial ribbon and add a basket so that they will have a beautiful container to display and distribute the angel pins.

You have two choices on the finish of the angel pin, either gold or silver and the ribbon is what ever color you want.  It may be a favorite color, or an awareness ribbon color, either is appropriate.

This gift really stands out as a unique and thoughtful gift over and above flowers.