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Skier Angel Pin, Frankie

Skier Angel Pin, Frankie

CODE: SkierAngel



Frankie Angel Pin wears his ski toboggan and is carrying a pair of snow skis.  He has sleek silver legs and leaf shaped wings.

Actual Size - 1 1/4 inches
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Skier Angel Pin, Frankie
Price $16.95

This angel pin was a custom design, in memory of my sister-in-law's father, Gennaro S. "Frank" Federico.

I only met Frankie a few months before his journey to heaven.  Now I had heard A LOT about Frankie over the years and it was an honor to meet him.  He was a wonderful man.

Frankie's passion was snow skiing. So, it seemed only fitting that the Frankie Angel Pin would be dressed in ski gear and carrying a pair of ski's.  He was a member of the Makusue Ski Lodge in North Conway, New Hampshire and loved everyone there.  That is the reason for his love of skiing.  Those people brought him out of his shell after a hard time raising his kids alone. They were his second family.  Tom O'Brien was his best friend.  He was a retired Massachusetts State Police Officer and a member of the Makusue Ski Club.  Now Frankie is guardian angel over all his ski buddies.

Frankie's order of priorities was God first, family second and skiing third.  He was a great father of four children, who were at his side when he left this world and started his heavenly journey.  He will be missed greatly, but will always live on in our hearts.

Engraving is not available on this angel pin.

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CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.