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Lindsey Marie, Girl Angel Pin

Lindsey Marie, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: LindseyMarieAngel



This angel pin wears a sassy silver skirt and delicate silver wings.  She has a bow at the neckline.  Very playful image.

Engraving is not available for the angel pin.

Actual size - 1 1/2 inches
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Lindsey Marie, Girl Angel Pin
Price $17.95

This angel pin was the design for our December, 2010 Name the Angel Contest.

Strong and sassy, this angel pin should be named Lindsey Marie after my daughter who faced her 4 year battle with more strength and sass than people twice her age. Diagnosed at 11yo with metastatic osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Lindsey spent over 150 days in the hospital, endured 3 years of chemotherapy and experimental treatment, had 10 major surgeries with left her with angel scars on her back and 1/2 a leg put on backwards. At an age when many of her friends were traveling to summer camp, she was forced to travel to Houston, New York City and even Manila, Philippines to fight for her life.
What made her so amazing is that she never thought she was doing anything special . She almost never cried and and she never pitied herself. She lived her life. When nerve pain forced her to carry an IV pain pump around 24hrs a day for over a year, she visited her horse in the dead of winter to muck his stall (on crutches).
During a meeting with a roomful of her doctors she calmly listened as they explained that they felt she was out of treatment options. Not a tear shed, she left the meeting and said ” when do we leave for Manila?” When I asked her how she could be so brave given her situation and she replied “Bravery is not without fear”. She knew she was human, she feared her cancer but she was brave enough to put hope ahead of her fear.
Even with three pain pumps and 8 weeks into hospice, she had hope and the will to live. In fact for the last 3 weeks, she only slept 4-6 hrs a day. It wasn’t until she had said goodbye to her friends that she finally slept. It was during this sleep that she peacefully left this world…with what looked like a smile on her beautiful space.
For 15 years she was my stubborn, sassy, smiling cling on. On March 23rd she became my forever smiling angel.

This angel pin should be named Lindsey Marie.

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CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.