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Girl Angel Pin, Gracen

Girl Angel Pin, Gracen

CODE: GirlAngel,Gracen



The Gracen Angel is dressed in a silver gown and has a silver heart at the neck that can be engraved and a birthstone added. 

To add engraving, please click here...

Please include engraving instructions and birth month  in the comment section of the order form.  She has fun wire wings and a twisted halo. No instructions, angel will be shipped with a blank heart.

Actual size - 1 3/4 inches
Order yours now.
Girl Angel Pin, Gracen
Price $17.95

Designed by request of a friend of the family.

Tonight we just found out that
some family friends just suffered the devastating loss of their 14 month old daughter, Gracen.  We could send flowers, but, as stated earlier, your pins are on-going memorials.  We really would like them to also have these memorials for their angel.

Rob and Wendy are amazing fighters.  Gracen was their 3rd born child.  Doctors repeatedly told them that she very possibly would not live to her birth.  Never giving up hope, they prayed fervently and praised God through it all.  In December of 2007, Gracen was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect.  It was touch-and-go for many months, but never did they give up hope.  In fact, the family inspired many with their Caring Bridge website that always gave thanks to the Lord and updated friends and family on Gracen's journey. After several surgeries, Gracen was growing and flourishing. At last update, she was saying "Daddy" and a few other words.  She is a gift and a testimonial of the miracles God can do.

Today we got the news of Gracen's passing due to aspiration.  Please create a special Gracen pin for both of her parents. This is a tribute to a little girl who taught so many people about the love of God.  We will miss her so much.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.


CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.