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Girl Angel Pin, Betty

Girl Angel Pin, Betty

CODE: GirlAngelBetty



The Betty Angel Pin has a heart of gold puffed full of love.  She wears a beautiful golden robe.  This angel pins wings are a spread and she wears a sparkling crystal halo.  She carries a crystal cross with her.

Actual Size - 1 1/2inches
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Girl Angel Pin, Betty
Price $19.95

This angel was a custom design, requested by Betty's daughter.

I was just looking at all your pins and thought I would love to have one designed in memory of my mother.

Let me tell you a little about her.  Her name was Betty.  She just passed away on July 10.  She was 85.  She was married for 60 years.  She had nine children.  She was always involved with whatever activity any of her kids were in at any given time.  Mom was orphaned at 9 years of age and grew up in a children's home where she made life long friends (sisters).  Though she was somewhat shy, she had a great sense of humor.  She was a Christian and attending church was a joy for her.  She loved children and people so much so that she was always giving little gifts to people who touched her heart even if she didn't know them well.  She even gave a baby gift to every newborn baby in our church.

 Growing up there were always "extra" young people in our home whether it was a young navy man needing a family while stationed here or a young person having trouble at home that needed a place to stay.  She even raised two of her own grandchildren.

 My mom was always my best friend and I am missing her terribly.  My dad had a stroke in 1997 and mom began wearing an angel every day as he got a little stronger and she began taking care of him at home.  I have collected angels for 25 years and having a pin to honor my mom just seems like the most precious thing I can do.

Engraving is not available on this design.

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CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.