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Family Angel Pin, Morgan

Family Angel Pin, Morgan

CODE: FamilyAngel,Morgan



Morgan's Dad is a Police Officer.  In this design, the police officer is carrying his baby angel, wrapped in a golden blanket, close to his heart.

This design can be altered to fit your needs.  The police had can be changed for a fireman's helmet, a cowboy hat or a baseball cap.  Please specify in the comments section of the order form.

Actual size - 1 3/4 inches
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family Angel Pin, Morgan
Price $19.95

This Angel was a custom design by a friend of the family.

This is truly a sad, sad story for me.  2 of my very close friends, lost twin babies to a miscarriage in September 03.  But much to everyone's joy, they conceived again and we were all anxiously waiting the birth of Morgan Elizabeth who was due on September 4, 2004.  Mom had a perfect pregnancy and did everything right,  but on her appointment to the doctor on August 25 they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat ~ only 10 days from her due date.  Morgan Elizabeth was stillborn on August 27th, due to a knot in her umbilical cord.  This was the most beautiful baby I've ever laid eyes on, perfect in every way.  Its such a terrible and sad thing that she didn't even get to meet her parents, two of the sweetest and loving people in the world.  Dad is a police officer and can carry his in his patrol car.

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CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.