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Baby Girl Angel Pin, Michelle Lynn

Baby Girl Angel Pin, Michelle Lynn

CODE: BabyMichelle



The Michelle Lynn Angel Pin has silver whimsical wings.  She wears a simple flared silver gown. This angel pin has a silver heart at the neckline that can be engraved with up to 6 characters. 

To add engraving, please click here...

Please include your engraving instructions in the comment section of the order form.  If there are no engraving instructions, angel pin will be shipped as shown.

Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches
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 Baby Girl Angel Pin Michelle Lynn
Price $16.95

This angel pin was named in our January, 2012 Name the Angel Pin Contest.

Michelle was the happiest, sweetest baby there ever was as well as being beautiful. She hardly ever cried or complained. She was perfect up until her first birthday. Her check up was fine, but her pediatrician said her eye was drooping a little bit. He said it was nothing to be concerned with and he did not even write it in the charts. One month later on March 6th her eye was drooping worse and she began vomiting. I took her to the pediatrician and he said it was probably just a stomach bug. He made an appointment for her to see the eye doctor for her eye and told me to keep my eye on her and bring her back if her vomiting did not get better.

Well, the vomiting did not get better, it got worse. I brought her back to the doctor and he sent us directly to the ER at Yale Children's Hospital. They tried to perk her up with IV fluids but it did not help. She was sleeping and hardly woke up. Then they ordered a CT Scan. I was so scared and nervous because I knew what they were thinking and looking for. I told myself at least when it comes back fine, it will ease my fears. Instead of that happening my worst fears were realized. I was told a mass was found and it was a large mass. My whole world shattered. She was immediately put into the hospital in the ICU where they put in a shunt to relieve the pressure on her brain.

She was scheduled for surgery that Monday. I was so scared but knew it was the only way. I still remember them taking her into surgery and her trying to get out of the crib. I just wanted to take her home, but knew I couldn't. I hoped and prayed for the best. After four hours had passed the doctors came out. I knew this was not good because it was supposed to take all day. The doctors were visibly shook up. They told me they had to stop because the nicked a blood vessel and had to cap it off. Later it turns out she suffered a stroke and could hardly move the right side of her body. They said they guessed the tumor to be cancerous by the blue cells and said it was most likely medulloblastoma/pnet and that is what it turned out to be.

Michelle got worse and worse until she passed away on July 2, 2008.

Engraving is not available on this angel pin design.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.


CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.