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Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee

Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee

CODE: AuntDeeDeeAngel



The Aunt Angel Pin, DeeDee wears a golden skirt with playful little legs peaking out at the hem.  This angel pin has a heart at the neckline that can be engraved, please include engraving instructions in the comment section of the order form, limit 6-7 characters.  She has sleek, fun golden wings and a crystal halo.  The crystals in the halo can be any color you like, just add the color preference in the comments section as well.

To add engraving, please click here...

Orders received without special instructions, angel pin will be shipped as shown without engraving and with a clear crystal halo.

Actual Size - 2 inches
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Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee
Price $18.95

This angel pin was a custom design.

I have been lucky to have had very few losses in my life, but as you get older, life happens. I have not had anyone close to me pass until Dec 20th, 2010. My aunt, Dianne, who I called Auntie Dee Dee my entire life, lost her battle to cancer on this day at the young age of 56. Not only was she my aunt, but my Godmother, and as I was growing up, a mother figure and a friend. I always looked at her as the most beautiful woman when I was young. She had a cool car and everyone loved her. The love everyone had for her only grew over the years. She was active with her church, loved to do crafts, loved animals, dogs and dolphins, loved the color purple and most importantly, was a great believer in angels. These things she shared with me and the thing that stuck the most was angels. Every year, I would buy her an angel of some sort for every holiday. Now, she is really an angel, my angel and hopefully watching over me. Her battle with cancer was short and quick and thank god I was able to see her a few hours before her passing. Now, I do have some comfort knowing she is in heaven with my sweet kitty angels.

So, in memory of Dee Dee, please see what you can do for an angel pin design in memory of my Aunt Dee Dee. If you could incorporate the color purple, that would be great.

Engraving is available on this angel pin design.

Type the characters you see in the picture above.


CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.