CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Sports Angel Pins

Baseball Angel Pin, cast

CODE: BaseballAngelCast


  The  Baseball Angel Pin wears golden pants and sporty golden wings.  Baseball mitt in hand, always ready to play the game.... More 

Softball Angel Pin, Sydney

CODE: Softball Angel Pin, Sydney


Softball Angel Pin, Sydney

Basketball Angel Pin - Girl

CODE: GirlBasketball


  This little basketball angel wears a flared skirt with a bow at the neck.  Her little legs are so important for this sport.  She... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Emilio

CODE: BasketballEmilio


  The Emilio Angel Pin can have his name engraved on a silver heart.  He has bold silver wings and a small basketball at his side. To... More 

Skier Angel Pin, Frankie

CODE: SkierAngel


  Frankie Angel Pin wears his ski toboggan and is carrying a pair of snow skis.  He has sleek silver legs and leaf shaped wings. Actual... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, PJ

CODE: BaseballPJ


  The PJ, Baseball Angel Pin wears silver trousers, and sports silver wings and silver ball cap.  He has a heart of gold at the chest... More 

Scuba Angel Pin

CODE: ScubaAngel


  The  Scuba Angel Pin has silver flowing legs and has silver filigree wings and a twisted silver halo.  She has her scuba gear in... More 

Snorkel Angel Pin

CODE: SnorkelAngel


  Ray Angel Pin base is all silver.  He has mask and snorkel as he enjoys scuba and snorkeling. There is a simple gray ribbon on his... More 

Irish Dance Angel Pin, Megan

CODE: IrishDanceAngel,Megan


  Megan wears a printed skirt with a shamrock in the center.  She has little legs (for dancing) and curly wire wings. Actual Size - 1... More 

Motorcycle Angel Pin

CODE: Motorcycle


  The  Angel Motorcycle Pin has a blue and orange motorcycle.  Motorcycle can be customized to several different colors.  Just... More 

Allie Angel Pin - Tae Kwon Do



  Allie Angel wears a loosely pleated skirt with a black bow at the neck, representing the black belt she earned.  There is a "sunburst"... More 

Weight Lifting Angel Pin

CODE: WeightLiftingAngel


Weight Lifting Angel Pin