CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Sports Angel Pins

Addison Angel Pin - Baseball

CODE: AddisonBaseball


  Addison wears a flowing golden skirt and playful golden wire wings.  She has a silver heart at the neckline with her name engraved and... More 

Allie Angel Pin - Tae Kwon Do



  Allie Angel wears a loosely pleated skirt with a black bow at the neck, representing the black belt she earned.  There is a "sunburst"... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Brendan

CODE: BaseballAngelBrendan


  The  Brendan Angel Pin has his name engraved on a gold heart with his birthstone below his name.  He is wearing a baseball cap... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, cast

CODE: BaseballAngelCast


  The  Baseball Angel Pin wears golden pants and sporty golden wings.  Baseball mitt in hand, always ready to play the game.... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Joseph

CODE: BaseballJoseph


  This playful baseball angel pin wears a baseball cap and is carrying a baseball glove and bat. Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Little Ricky

CODE: BaseballAngelRicky


  Adorable Baseball Angel Pin named for Little Ricky wears a baseball cap with his head facing heaven, he is carrying his bat and ball. ... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Mullen

CODE: BaseballMullen


  The  Mullen, Baseball Angel Pin is enjoying his favorite food, pizza, and his favorite sport, baseball.  He is holding a bat and... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, PJ

CODE: BaseballPJ


  The PJ, Baseball Angel Pin wears silver trousers, and sports silver wings and silver ball cap.  He has a heart of gold at the chest... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Preston

CODE: BaseballAngelPreston


  The  Preston Angel Pin is all decked out in gold.  He has a gold ball cap and if you look closely, you will see an extra fishing... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Emilio

CODE: BasketballEmilio


  The Emilio Angel Pin can have his name engraved on a silver heart.  He has bold silver wings and a small basketball at his side. To... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Girl

CODE: GirlBasketball


  This little basketball angel wears a flared skirt with a bow at the neck.  Her little legs are so important for this sport.  She... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Ryan

CODE: RyanBasketball


  Can't you just see this little angel making the basket.  Great angel pin design of a boy angel in mid-flight.  Silver legs and... More 

Basketball Angel Pin, Brad

CODE: BasketballBrad


  The Basketball Player Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver trousers.  He carries his favorite basket... More 

Basketball Angel Pin, Tiffany

CODE: BasketballTiffany


  Basketball Angel Pin, Tiffany wears a flared skirt with a bow at the neck.  She has a yorkie by her side and a basketball in her hand.... More 

Camo Angel Pin - Casey

CODE: Camo Angel Pin - Casey


Rocking the Camo - This boy angel is all decked out in his camo, carrying a fishing pole and a shotgun - always ready for the outdoors.

Coulter - Baseball Angel PIn

CODE: CoulterBaseball


  This Angel Pin features a shield shaped body similar to the shape of of a super hero shield.  He has a baseball glove on his hand at... More 

Dancer Angel Pin, Lauren Marie

CODE: DancerAngel,LaurenMarie


  The  Dancer Angel Pin wears silver skirt.  Her arms and legs are positioned as though she is dancing through the air.  She... More 

Father Son Hunter Angel Pin

CODE: Father Son Hunter Angel Pin


Father Son Hunter Angel Pin

Figure Skating Angel Pin

CODE: FigureSkatingAngel


  The  Figure Skating Angel Pin has a heart that can be engraved.  She wears a silver flowing skirt and a crystal halo.  Her... More 

Fisherman Angel Pin

CODE: FishermanAngel


  The  Fisherman Angel Pin stands proud with fishing pole in hand and a dog by his side. To add engraving, please click here ... If... More 

Fisherman Angel Pin, Alan

CODE: FishermanAngel,Alan


  The Fisherman Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver pants.  His favorite past time, fishing, is portrayed with... More 

Fisherman Chance Angel PIn

CODE: Fisherman Chance Angel PIn


  This angel has a heart in the center of his chest, which can be engraved and birthstone added beneath the name.  His wings and pants are... More 

Fishing Angel Pin

CODE: FishingAngel


  The  Fishing Angel Pin is holding his fishing pole.  He has silver legs and wings and has a small golden heart at the neck. ... More 

Fishing Angel Pin, Colin

CODE: FishingAngel,Colin


  The Colin Angel pin is a simple, little boy silhouette. He is carrying is fishing pole and has his baseball cap on backwards.  The... More 

Fishing Angel Pin, Fred

CODE: FishingAngel,Fred


 To add engraving, please click here ... Actual size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours now. Fishing Angel Pin, Fred Price $17.95 Designed in... More 

Fishing Marine Angel Pin

CODE: Fishing Marine Angel Pin


  The Fising Marine Angel Pin is all dressed in silver, holding a fishing pole and has the Marine Insignia on his leg. To add engraving,... More 

Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin - Will

CODE: Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin Will


This baseball playing, fishing angel is all decked out in silver.  He has a golden halo on his head, a heart of gold that can be engraved (engraving is... More 

Football Angel Pin - Stormy

CODE: FootballStormy


  Stormy is a stocky little angel pin wearing his football helmet and of course carrying his football.  He has a heart at the hem of his... More 

FootBall Angel Pin, Adam

CODE: FootballAngel,Adam


  This football angel has a rough silver finish, pewter football helmet and a gold football. If you would like a heart with a name engraved... More 

Football Angel Pin, Chad

CODE: FootballAngelChad


  The  Football Angel Pin, Chad wears silver pants, and has silver wings.  This angel pin has a golden heart that can be... More 

Football Angel Pin, Steven

CODE: FootballAngel,Steven


  The football angel pin has silver wings and pants.  He has a lightening bolt on his wing signifying his love for the band "Metalica"... More 

Girls Lacrosse Angel Pin

CODE: GirlLacrosseAngel


  This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt gently swaying as she floats about with her Lacrosse Stick. To add engraving, please click... More 

Girls Softball Angel Pin

CODE: SoftballAngel


  The Girls Softball Angel Pin has playful wire wings She wears a flowing skirt of gold.  She carries her bat in one hand and has a... More 

Girls Volleyball Angel Pin

CODE: GirlsVolleyballAngel


  The Girls Volleyball Angel pin has adorable wire, silver wings, a twisted silver halo and silver flared skirt.  She proudly holds a... More 

Girls Volleyball/Basketball Angel Pin

CODE: GirlsVolleyball/BasketballAngel


  The Girls Volleyball Angel pin has adorable wire, silver wings, a twisted silver halo and silver flared skirt.  She proudly holds a... More 

Glenda Angel Pin, Cyclist

CODE: Glenda Angel Pin


Cyclist Angel Pin, Bicycle Angel Pin

Golf Lady Angel Pin

CODE: GolfLadyAngel


  The Golf Lady Angel Pin has silver wings and sports a pink golfing skirt with her pink golf bag at her side. To add engraving, please... More 

Golfer Angel Pin, Patrick Vincent

CODE: Golfer Angel,Patrick Vincen


  The  Golfer Angel Pin carries his clubs with him.  Heart is can be engraved. To add engraving, please click here ...... More 

Graham Angel Pin, baseball

CODE: Graham Angel Pin, baseball


The Graham Angel features a large cross with the baseball stitches painted across it and a bat and ball on top. Actual size - 1 3/4 inches Order... More 

Hockey Angel Pin

CODE: HockeyAngel


  This angel has silver wings and silver legs.  He is wearing a goalie helmet and has a hockey stick in his hand.  The silver heart... More 

Hockey Angel, #6

CODE: Hockey Angel, #6


Hockey Player Angel Pin

CODE: HockeyPlayerAngel


  The  Hockey Angel Pin stands proud with hockey sticks and a puck. To add engraving, please click here ... Actual Size - 1 3/4... More 

Hockey Player Angel Pin, Tim

CODE: HockeyTim


  This Hockey Player Angel pin, Tim has strong, silver wings and wear silver pants with a brick pattern.  He  loved hockey and... More 

Hunter Fisher Angel Pin

CODE: HunterFisherAngel


  The Hunter Fisher Angel Pin is a silver silhouette boy angel.  He has a pearl head and is carrying a fishing pole and a shot... More 

Irish Dance Angel Pin, Megan

CODE: IrishDanceAngel,Megan


  Megan wears a printed skirt with a shamrock in the center.  She has little legs (for dancing) and curly wire wings. Actual Size - 1... More 

Jessica Marie, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: JessicaMariaAngel


  The  Jessica Marie Angel Pin has her name engraved on a gold heart.  She is wearing a loosely pleated skirt and flowing... More 

Karate Angel Pin, Black Belt

CODE: KarateAnge


  The  Black Belt Angel Pin wears a Gi and has a black belt around the waist.  This angel pin has simple dove shaped wings and a... More 

Lacrosse Angel Pin, Parker

CODE: LacrosseAngel,Parker


  The Parker Angel wears his Lacrosse number 22 engraved on his heart and carries his lacrosse stick.  Heart can be engraved with up to... More 

Lacrosse Angel Pin, Tyler

CODE: LacrosseAngel,Tyler


  The Tyler Angel Pin is a simple silver angel base with a silver lacrosse stick and a golden football.  The heart can be engraved, just... More 

Maddie Angel Pin, Softball

CODE: Maddie Angel Pin, Softball


The Maddie Softball Angel Pin is all dressed in silver.  She has an extra loop above her head for easy attachment for a necklace or keyring.  She... More 

Michael Tennis Golf Angel Pin

CODE: Michael Tennis Golf Angel Pin


The Michael Angel Pin has a huge heart of GOLD!  He enjoys a round of tennis or golf and loves life, his friends and his family. Engraving is... More 

Motorcycle Angel Pin

CODE: Motorcycle


  The  Angel Motorcycle Pin has a blue and orange motorcycle.  Motorcycle can be customized to several different colors.  Just... More 

Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

CODE: Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin


Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

NY Giants Angel Pin

CODE: NY Giants Angel Pin


  The NY Giants Angel Pin is all dressed in silver and holding a blue football with NY in white.  She has a stargazer lily at her side.... More 

Paps Angel Pin, Volleyball

CODE: Paps Angel Pin, Volleyball


  The Paps Angel Pin portrays a grandfather with his grandaughter.  They loved to play Volleyball together and this little angel pin is... More 

Photography Angel Pin - Michael

CODE: Photography Angel Pin - Michael


Photography Angel Pin - Michael

Pool Player Angel Pin

CODE: Pool Player Angel Pin


Pool Player Angel Pin

Scuba Angel Pin

CODE: ScubaAngel


  The  Scuba Angel Pin has silver flowing legs and has silver filigree wings and a twisted silver halo.  She has her scuba gear in... More 

Skateboard Angel Pin, Branden

CODE: SkateboardAngel


  The  Branden Angel Pin has his skateboard by his side.  He has silver wings and legs and a heart of gold that can be engraved... More 

Skier Angel Pin, Frankie

CODE: SkierAngel


  Frankie Angel Pin wears his ski toboggan and is carrying a pair of snow skis.  He has sleek silver legs and leaf shaped wings. Actual... More 

Snorkel Angel Pin

CODE: SnorkelAngel


  Ray Angel Pin base is all silver.  He has mask and snorkel as he enjoys scuba and snorkeling. There is a simple gray ribbon on his... More 

Snowboard Angel Pin, Ryan

CODE: Snowboard Angel Pin Ryan


Snowboard Angel Pin, Ryan

Soccer Angel Pin, Adam

CODE: Soccer Angel Pin, Adam


The Soccer Angel Pin is all decked out in silver with a golden halo atop his head.  He has his favorite soccer ball at his feet and an awareness ribbon... More 

Softball Angel Pin, Sydney

CODE: Softball Angel Pin, Sydney


Softball Angel Pin, Sydney

Sports Angel Pin, Dad

CODE: SportsAngel,Dad


  The  Dad Angel Pin wears blue pants and has silver wire wings with a twisted silver halo atop his pearl head.  All three of his... More 

Sports Dad Angel Pin

CODE: Sports Dad Angel Pin


Sports Dad Angel Pin

Tennis Angel Pin, Troy

CODE: TennisAngel


  The  Troy Angel Pin has his name engraved on a gold heart.  He is wearing a baseball cap, backwards and is carrying his tennis... More 

Tennis Angel Pins, Norm

CODE: Tennis Angel Pins, Norm


Tennis Angel Pins, Norm

Track Angel Pin

CODE: TrackAngel


  Track Angel Pin wears a pleated skirt with a bow at the neck.  The track shoe is at the hem. Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours... More 

Umpire Angel Pin

CODE: UmpireAngelPin


umpire angel pin

Volleyball Angel Pin, Whitley

CODE: VolleyballAngel,Whitley


  The  Volleyball Angel is multi-tasking.  She's got her pink purse in one hand, on the way to shopping, while talking on her cell... More 

Weight Lifting Angel Pin

CODE: WeightLiftingAngel


Weight Lifting Angel Pin

Wrestling Angel Pin

CODE: WrestlingAngel


  The wrestling angel pin is all decked out in silver, with a gold heart at the neckline.  The heart can be engraved with up to 5... More