CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Sports Angel Pins

Addison Angel Pin - Baseball

CODE: AddisonBaseball


  Addison wears a flowing golden skirt and playful golden wire wings.  She has a silver heart at the neckline with her name engraved and... More 

Allie Angel Pin - Tae Kwon Do



  Allie Angel wears a loosely pleated skirt with a black bow at the neck, representing the black belt she earned.  There is a "sunburst"... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Brendan

CODE: BaseballAngelBrendan


  The  Brendan Angel Pin has his name engraved on a gold heart with his birthstone below his name.  He is wearing a baseball cap... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, cast

CODE: BaseballAngelCast


  The  Baseball Angel Pin wears golden pants and sporty golden wings.  Baseball mitt in hand, always ready to play the game.... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Joseph

CODE: BaseballJoseph


  This playful baseball angel pin wears a baseball cap and is carrying a baseball glove and bat. Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Little Ricky

CODE: BaseballAngelRicky


  Adorable Baseball Angel Pin named for Little Ricky wears a baseball cap with his head facing heaven, he is carrying his bat and ball. ... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Mullen

CODE: BaseballMullen


  The  Mullen, Baseball Angel Pin is enjoying his favorite food, pizza, and his favorite sport, baseball.  He is holding a bat and... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, PJ

CODE: BaseballPJ


  The PJ, Baseball Angel Pin wears silver trousers, and sports silver wings and silver ball cap.  He has a heart of gold at the chest... More 

Baseball Angel Pin, Preston

CODE: BaseballAngelPreston


  The  Preston Angel Pin is all decked out in gold.  He has a gold ball cap and if you look closely, you will see an extra fishing... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Emilio

CODE: BasketballEmilio


  The Emilio Angel Pin can have his name engraved on a silver heart.  He has bold silver wings and a small basketball at his side. To... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Girl

CODE: GirlBasketball


  This little basketball angel wears a flared skirt with a bow at the neck.  Her little legs are so important for this sport.  She... More 

Basketball Angel Pin - Ryan

CODE: RyanBasketball


  Can't you just see this little angel making the basket.  Great angel pin design of a boy angel in mid-flight.  Silver legs and... More 

Basketball Angel Pin, Brad

CODE: BasketballBrad


  The Basketball Player Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver trousers.  He carries his favorite basket... More 

Basketball Angel Pin, Tiffany

CODE: BasketballTiffany


  Basketball Angel Pin, Tiffany wears a flared skirt with a bow at the neck.  She has a yorkie by her side and a basketball in her hand.... More 

Camo Angel Pin - Casey

CODE: Camo Angel Pin - Casey


Rocking the Camo - This boy angel is all decked out in his camo, carrying a fishing pole and a shotgun - always ready for the outdoors.

Coulter - Baseball Angel PIn

CODE: CoulterBaseball


  This Angel Pin features a shield shaped body similar to the shape of of a super hero shield.  He has a baseball glove on his hand at... More 

Dancer Angel Pin, Lauren Marie

CODE: DancerAngel,LaurenMarie


  The  Dancer Angel Pin wears silver skirt.  Her arms and legs are positioned as though she is dancing through the air.  She... More 

Father Son Hunter Angel Pin

CODE: Father Son Hunter Angel Pin


Father Son Hunter Angel Pin

Figure Skating Angel Pin

CODE: FigureSkatingAngel


  The  Figure Skating Angel Pin has a heart that can be engraved.  She wears a silver flowing skirt and a crystal halo.  Her... More 

Fisherman Angel Pin

CODE: FishermanAngel


  The  Fisherman Angel Pin stands proud with fishing pole in hand and a dog by his side. To add engraving, please click here ... If... More 

Fisherman Angel Pin, Alan

CODE: FishermanAngel,Alan


  The Fisherman Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver pants.  His favorite past time, fishing, is portrayed with... More 

Fisherman Chance Angel PIn

CODE: Fisherman Chance Angel PIn


  This angel has a heart in the center of his chest, which can be engraved and birthstone added beneath the name.  His wings and pants are... More 

Fishing Angel Pin

CODE: FishingAngel


  The  Fishing Angel Pin is holding his fishing pole.  He has silver legs and wings and has a small golden heart at the neck. ... More 

Fishing Angel Pin, Colin

CODE: FishingAngel,Colin


  The Colin Angel pin is a simple, little boy silhouette. He is carrying is fishing pole and has his baseball cap on backwards.  The... More 

Fishing Angel Pin, Fred

CODE: FishingAngel,Fred


 To add engraving, please click here ... Actual size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours now. Fishing Angel Pin, Fred Price $17.95 Designed in... More 

Fishing Marine Angel Pin

CODE: Fishing Marine Angel Pin


  The Fising Marine Angel Pin is all dressed in silver, holding a fishing pole and has the Marine Insignia on his leg. To add engraving,... More 

Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin - Will

CODE: Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin Will


This baseball playing, fishing angel is all decked out in silver.  He has a golden halo on his head, a heart of gold that can be engraved (engraving is... More 

Football Angel Pin - Stormy

CODE: FootballStormy


  Stormy is a stocky little angel pin wearing his football helmet and of course carrying his football.  He has a heart at the hem of his... More 

FootBall Angel Pin, Adam

CODE: FootballAngel,Adam


  This football angel has a rough silver finish, pewter football helmet and a gold football. If you would like a heart with a name engraved... More 

Football Angel Pin, Chad

CODE: FootballAngelChad


  The  Football Angel Pin, Chad wears silver pants, and has silver wings.  This angel pin has a golden heart that can be... More 

Football Angel Pin, Steven

CODE: FootballAngel,Steven


  The football angel pin has silver wings and pants.  He has a lightening bolt on his wing signifying his love for the band "Metalica"... More 

Girls Lacrosse Angel Pin

CODE: GirlLacrosseAngel


  This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt gently swaying as she floats about with her Lacrosse Stick. To add engraving, please click... More 

Girls Softball Angel Pin

CODE: SoftballAngel


  The Girls Softball Angel Pin has playful wire wings She wears a flowing skirt of gold.  She carries her bat in one hand and has a... More 

Girls Volleyball Angel Pin

CODE: GirlsVolleyballAngel


  The Girls Volleyball Angel pin has adorable wire, silver wings, a twisted silver halo and silver flared skirt.  She proudly holds a... More 

Girls Volleyball/Basketball Angel Pin

CODE: GirlsVolleyball/BasketballAngel


  The Girls Volleyball Angel pin has adorable wire, silver wings, a twisted silver halo and silver flared skirt.  She proudly holds a... More 

Glenda Angel Pin, Cyclist

CODE: Glenda Angel Pin


Cyclist Angel Pin, Bicycle Angel Pin

Golf Lady Angel Pin

CODE: GolfLadyAngel


  The Golf Lady Angel Pin has silver wings and sports a pink golfing skirt with her pink golf bag at her side. To add engraving, please... More 

Golfer Angel Pin, Patrick Vincent

CODE: Golfer Angel,Patrick Vincen


  The  Golfer Angel Pin carries his clubs with him.  Heart is can be engraved. To add engraving, please click here ...... More 

Graham Angel Pin, baseball

CODE: Graham Angel Pin, baseball


The Graham Angel features a large cross with the baseball stitches painted across it and a bat and ball on top. Actual size - 1 3/4 inches Order... More 

Hockey Angel Pin

CODE: HockeyAngel


  This angel has silver wings and silver legs.  He is wearing a goalie helmet and has a hockey stick in his hand.  The silver heart... More 

Hockey Angel, #6

CODE: Hockey Angel, #6


Hockey Player Angel Pin

CODE: HockeyPlayerAngel


  The  Hockey Angel Pin stands proud with hockey sticks and a puck. To add engraving, please click here ... Actual Size - 1 3/4... More 

Hockey Player Angel Pin, Tim

CODE: HockeyTim


  This Hockey Player Angel pin, Tim has strong, silver wings and wear silver pants with a brick pattern.  He  loved hockey and... More 

Hunter Fisher Angel Pin

CODE: HunterFisherAngel


  The Hunter Fisher Angel Pin is a silver silhouette boy angel.  He has a pearl head and is carrying a fishing pole and a shot... More 

Irish Dance Angel Pin, Megan

CODE: IrishDanceAngel,Megan


  Megan wears a printed skirt with a shamrock in the center.  She has little legs (for dancing) and curly wire wings. Actual Size - 1... More 

Jessica Marie, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: JessicaMariaAngel


  The  Jessica Marie Angel Pin has her name engraved on a gold heart.  She is wearing a loosely pleated skirt and flowing... More 

Karate Angel Pin, Black Belt

CODE: KarateAnge


  The  Black Belt Angel Pin wears a Gi and has a black belt around the waist.  This angel pin has simple dove shaped wings and a... More 

Lacrosse Angel Pin, Parker

CODE: LacrosseAngel,Parker


  The Parker Angel wears his Lacrosse number 22 engraved on his heart and carries his lacrosse stick.  Heart can be engraved with up to... More