CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Police Angel Pins

9-11 Fire-Police Angel Pin

CODE: 9-11Fire-PoliceAngel


  The  9-11 Fire-Police Angel Pin has silver flowing legs and has silver wings.  This angel wears a fireman's helmet and a police... More 

9-11 Memorial Angel Pin

CODE: 9-11MemorialAngel


  The  9-11 Memorial Angel Pin has silver  legs and uplifted silver wings. The American Flag is proudly displayed on his chest.... More 

America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin

CODE: America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin


The America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin was designed in honor of our Police Officers.  She wears a painted skirt that bear the stars and stripes of our... More 

Angel Pin for Police

CODE: AngelPolice


  This little angel pin for police is keeping guard.  He/she proudly wears a Police Department badge and  hat and carries jail... More 

Deputy Angel Pin

CODE: DeputyAngel


  This deputy angel pin proudly wears a star badge in the middle of his chest, with wings tucked back, he is a deputy on a mission.  He... More 

Deputy Angel Pin - Barry Hill

CODE: DeputyBarry


  This Deputy Bear Angel wears a silver twisted halo, tilted on the side of his head.  His star badge is centered over his heart.... More 

Deputy Angel Pin - Doug Noll

CODE: DeputyDoug


  Doug is watching out for all his fellow officers from heaven.  He wears his badge and cowboy hat. Actual Size - 1 5/8 inches Order... More 

Deputy Angel Pin - Female

CODE: DeputyAngelFemale


deputy angel pin, police angel pin

Deputy Angel Pin - Shane Bennett

CODE: DeputyShane


  Designed in memory of Harris County Sheriff Deputy Shane Bennett, a small gold angel, centered on a silver star badge.  The angel... More 

Deputy Constable Angel Pin - Michael Eakin

CODE: ConstableMichael


  This angel pin has a base of a large heart, painted with stars and stripes.  He wears a cowboy hat with a star badge in the center,... More 

Deputy Constable Angel Pin, Jason

CODE: DeputyConstableAngel,Jaso


  Officer Norling is buzzing heaven with his motorcycle, keeping a vigilant watch over his fellow officers and family. Actual Size - 1 7/8... More 

On Angels Wings

CODE: On Angel Wings


Angels feature a set of golden wings representing divine intervention, then the angel itself is based with a silver angel base.  Accessories are in a subtle golden tone