CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Angel Pins

Angel Pins

Army Angel Pin, Craig

CODE: ArmyAngel,Craig


  This angel wears a protective cover on his head and the Army Insignia on his chest.  The finish used for this angel pin is gold... More 

Army Angel Pin, Justin

CODE: Army Angel Pin, Justin


  Actual Size- 1 3/8 inches Order yours now. Army Angel Pin, Justin Price $16.95 Designs on this page are for every branch of the United... More 

Army Angel Pin, Owen

CODE: ArmyAngel,Owen


  The  Owen Angel Pin wears a silver cowboy hat and boots.  The little legs look almost as if they are covered with chaps.  He... More 

Army Veteran Angel Pin

CODE: Army Veteran Angel Pin


Army Veteran Angel Pin

Artist Angel Pin

CODE: ArtistAngel


  This little artist angel pin wears a flared silver skirt, detailed silver wire wings and a twisted silver halo.  She has a large heart... More 

Assistant Angel Pin

CODE: AssistantAngel


  The Assistant Angel Pin wears a crystal halo, symbolizing all the stars she has earned in her crown.  She has, of course, a telephone... More 

Attorney Angel Pin

CODE: AttorneyAngel


  The Attorney Angel Pin wears a silver trousers with silver wings and a silver twisted halo.  He is carrying his scales of justice and... More 

Attorney Angel Pin

CODE: AttorneyAngel


  The Attorney Angel pin wears gold trousers and has gold wings and a pearl head with a golden halo.  This angel pin carries the scales... More 

Aunt and Niece Angel Pin

CODE: AuntNieceAngel


  The Aunt and Niece Angel Pin has 2 angels.  The Aunt portion of the angel pin is wearing a gold skirt, with wiry wings, a crystal halo... More 

Aunt Angel Pin

CODE: AuntAngel


  The Aunt Angel pin wears a simple, silver gown.  She has beautiful silver butterfly wings and a silver heart on her chest that reads... More 

Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee

CODE: AuntDeeDeeAngel


  The Aunt Angel Pin, DeeDee wears a golden skirt with playful little legs peaking out at the hem.  This angel pin has a heart at the... More 

Aunt Angel Pin, Nellie

CODE: AuntAngelNellie


  The  Aunt Angel Pin, Nellie wears a long golden flowing skirt with a heart at the neckline.  The heart on this angel pin can be... More