CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Angel Pins

Angel Pins

Boy Angel Pin, Bladyn

CODE: BoyAngelBladyn


  The Boy  Angel Pin Bladyn is a playful little golden boy angel with his war feather wings and one wing dangling from his golden... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Caleb

CODE: BoyAngelCaleb


  The  Caleb Angel Pin stands proud in his golden silhouette with a golden drape across the shoulder. Actual Size - 1 1/2 inches Order... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Carpenter

CODE: CarpenterAngel


  Frank, the carpenter angel has a huge heart that can be engraved with his name and birthstone beneath the name.  He loves to ride his... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Charm

CODE: BoyCharm


  The Boy Angel Pin with a Cat is all silver except for his pearl head.  The heart on the chest of this angel pin can be engraved with... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Clint

CODE: BoyAngelClint


  This  Boy Angel Pin, Clint wears playful little bell bottomed britches.  He has a leaf like silver wing and he's soaring with the... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Dennis

CODE: BoyAngel,Dennis


  The  Dennis Angel Pin just looks like a happy little angel.  He has little silver trousers and his wings are placed as if he is... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Dustin

CODE: BoyAngel, Dustin


  The Dustin angel pin wears his cap, which can be painted any color you like.  He is carrying a football and has a heart of gold that... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Ernest

CODE: BoyAngel,Ernest


  The  Ernest Angel Pin has a heart which can be engraved.  He wears a silver trousers and a twisted halo.  He carries a cross... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Frank

CODE: BoyAngel,Frank


  The  Frank Angel Pin is riding his black and green motorcycle through heaven and carries his surf board over his shoulder.  He... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Harley Motorcycle

CODE: BoyAngel,HarleyMotorcycle


  The  Harley Motorcycle Angel Pin has wings resembling the Harley Wings.  He wears a black ball cap, backwards of course. ... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Jason

CODE: BoyAngel,Jason


  The  Jason Angel Pin has a heart of gold and has a gold anchor at his side. To add engraving, please click here ... Actual Size -... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Julius

CODE: Boy Angel Pin, Julius


  This sweet little boy Angel Pin has silver legs, arms, halo and wings.  He has a silver heart that can be engraved.  At his feet... More