CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Occupational Angel Pins

Accounting Angel Pin

CODE: AcctAngel


  The Accounting Angel Pin has a silver pleated skirt and has silver wings.  This angel wears a twisted silver halo and holds a silver... More 

Alzheimer Caregiver Angel Pin

CODE: AlzheimerAngel


  This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt with a small gathering of "forget-me-nots" at the neckline.  She has dove wings stretched to... More 

America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin

CODE: America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin


The America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin was designed in honor of our Police Officers.  She wears a painted skirt that bear the stars and stripes of our... More 

Amy Lin Angel Pin

CODE: AmyLinAngel


  The  Amy Lin Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated golden robe, golden wings and a golden halo.  She has a red cardinal on her... More 

Angel Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: AngelTeacher


  This Angel Teacher Angel Pin wears a simple silver skirt with a gerbera daisy at the hem and a little angel pin on her shoulder. Actual... More 

Artist Angel Pin

CODE: ArtistAngel


  This little artist angel pin wears a flared silver skirt, detailed silver wire wings and a twisted silver halo.  She has a large heart... More 

Assistant Angel Pin

CODE: AssistantAngel


  The Assistant Angel Pin wears a crystal halo, symbolizing all the stars she has earned in her crown.  She has, of course, a telephone... More 

Attorney Angel Pin

CODE: AttorneyAngel


  The Attorney Angel Pin wears a silver trousers with silver wings and a silver twisted halo.  He is carrying his scales of justice and... More 

Attorney Angel Pin

CODE: AttorneyAngel


  The Attorney Angel pin wears gold trousers and has gold wings and a pearl head with a golden halo.  This angel pin carries the scales... More 

Ax Fire Fighter Angel Pin

CODE: AxAngelPin


  This little fire fighter angel pin is ready to take care of business with an ax over his shoulder. Actual Size - 1   5/8 inches... More 

Book Store Angel Pin

CODE: BookStoreAngel


  The Book Store Angel pin is all silver carrying a golden book. To add engraving, please click here ... Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Carpenter

CODE: CarpenterAngel


  Frank, the carpenter angel has a huge heart that can be engraved with his name and birthstone beneath the name.  He loves to ride his... More 

Boy Scout Angel Pin

CODE: BoyScoutAngel


  This Boy Scout Angel wears a blue and gold Boy Scout cap and is all decked out in gold.  This angel pin has a heart on his chest that... More 

Boy Scout Angel Pin - Mechanic

CODE: BoyScoutMechanic


  This Boy Scout Angel Pin wears his boy scout cap and shirt in navy blue with gold piping.  He is holding a wrench and his name is... More 

Carousel Angel Pin, Frank

CODE: CarouselAngel


  The Carousel Angel Pin is flying over the carousel, keeping a close eye on all the children.  This angel pin wears silver pants and a... More 

Carpenter Angel Pin, Brandon

CODE: CarpenterAngel


  Carpenter Angel Pin, Brandon carries his hammer and has a little heart pocket symbolizing his sweet baby, Kia.  The larger heart on... More 

Child Counsler Angel Pin

CODE: CounslerAngel


  The  Suzie Angel Pin wears a beautiful golden explosion for a skirt and butterfly shaped wings.  She wears a crystal halo, Lord... More 

Cosmetic Sales Representative Angel Pin

CODE: CosmeticAngel


  This Cosmetic Salse Representative Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated gown, wire wings and a crystal halo.  This angel pin is holding... More 

Doctor Angel Pin

CODE: DoctorAngel


  The Doctor Angel Pin wears a silver skirt with silver dove shaped wings.  She has a silver heart at the neckline where her stethoscope... More 

EMT Angel Pin



  This EMT Angel Pin just adorable with it's flare golden legs and wispy wire wings.  He/She is holding an antique ambulance or "box"... More 

Hair Dresser Angel Pin

CODE: HairDresserAngel


  The  Hair Dresser Angel Pin wears a silver pleated robe and has golden wire filigree wings.  This angel has a comb and scissors,... More 

Kindergarten Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: KindergartenTeacherAngel


  The  Brandi Angel Pin stands tall in a golden gown with two precious angels at her hem.  She is holding a red apple that says... More 

Knitting Angel Pin

CODE: KnittingAngel


  Knitting Angel wears a patterned silver skirt, with fun fun, wire gold wings.  She has a gold twisted halo on her pearl head. ... More 

Lawyer Angel Pin

CODE: LawyerAngel


  The Lawyer Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver pleated skirt.  She holds the scales of justice Actual size -... More 

Lifeguard Angel Pin, Osmany

CODE: LifeguardAngel,Osmany


  The  Lifeguard Angel Pin is holding his life preserver.  He has silver legs and wings.  Actual Size - 1 3/8 inches Order... More 

Mechanic Angel Pin

CODE: MechanicAngel


  This  Mechanic Angel Pin carries a  wrench over his shoulder and has his faithful cat at his side.  The racing flags signify... More 

Nail Technician Angel Pin

CODE: NailTechnicianAngel


  The Nail Technician Angel pin has whimsical golden wings, an adorable leopard skin gown, her nail supplies and of course a tube of red... More 

Nascar Angel Pin, Jerry

CODE: NascarAngel,Jerry


  Nascar Gift - Jerry Jerry has straight legged pants and beautiful silver wings.  He is holding the checkered racing flags. Actual... More 

Nurse Angel Pin, Julie

CODE: NurseJulie


  This dutiful nurse angel pin proudly wears a nurses cap, and starched skirt.  She has a stethoscope around her neck and carries a... More 

Nurse Angel Pin, PSW

CODE: NurseAngel


  The PSW Angel Pin has lacy, butterfly wings and a full, loosely pleated skirt.  She has a band-aid handy and a sweet little heart at... More 

Nurse Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: NurseTeacherAngel


  The Nurse Teacher Angel pin has silver  wings, a silver nurses cap and silver halo and silver pleated skirt.  She has a silver... More 

Pediatric Respiratory Angel Pin

CODE: PediatricAngel


  The  Pediatric Respiratory Angel Pin has beautiful, silver filigree wings outstretched and wears a twisted silver halo on a pearl... More 

Pilot Angel Pin

CODE: PilotAngel


  The Pilot Angel pin has silver aviator wings, a silver twisted halo and silver skirt.  She has an airplane on her skirt. Actual size... More 

Plumber Angel Pin

  This angel is flying around with his plumber's wrench in hand.  His heart can be engraved. To add engraving, click here... More 

Quilting Angel Pin

CODE: QuiltingAngel


  This angel has sweet little wings with stitching and a quilted robe.  She has her sewing machine by her side. The heart can be... More 

Quilting Angel Pin, Rita

CODE: QuiltingRitaAngel


  The  Quilting Angel Pin wears a silver flowing skirt and has large silver wings.  She wears a twisted silver halo. She has a... More 

Railroad Angel Pin

CODE: Railroad Angel Pin


The Railroad Angel Pin is all decked out in bright gold from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.  He is holding a silver train that he loved.

Reading Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: Reading Teacher Angel Pin


  The  Reading Teacher Angel Pin wears a silver, loosely pleated skirt with silver wire wings and a twisted halo.  She has stack of... More 

Realtor Angel Pin, Peg

CODE: RealtorAngel


  This Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated skirt and silver wire wings.  She is holding a "For Sale" sign. Actual size - 1 1/2 inches... More 

Realtor Gift Angel Pin

CODE: RealtorGiftAngel


  This adorable angel wears a pleated robe, playful wire wings and twisted golden halo.  She is carrying a "For Sale" sign. Actual Size... More 

Retiring Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: RetiringTeacherAngel


  The  Retiring Teacher Angel Pin wears a silver pleated skirt and has silver wire wings.  There is a gold heart that can be... More 

Reverend Angel Pin,Dan

CODE: ReverendAngel


  The Reverend Dan Angel Pin wears silver trousers and sports a silver music note on his wing, as his joyful noise lingers on.  He has a... More 

School Bus Driver Angel Pin

CODE: SchoolBusDriverAngel


  This school bus driver angel pin wears a plain silver skirt,  wire flutter wings, a silver halo and is holding a school bus Actual... More 

Seamstress Angel Pin

CODE: SeamstressAngel


  The  Seamstress Angel Pin has a heart that can be engraved.  She wears a gold flowing skirt and a twisted halo.  She carries... More 

Shopping Angel Pin

CODE: ShoppingAngel


 To add engraving, click here Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours now. Shopping Angel Pin Price $18.95  Engraving is available on... More 

Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: TeacherAngel


  This Teacher Angel wears a pleated robe and crystal halo.  She has 3 gold stars and an A+.  That's all she gives, because all her... More 

Teacher Angel Pin, Sue

CODE: TeacherAngel


  The  Sue Teacher Angel Pin has silver flowing gown and has silver wings.  She wears a crystal halo. The heart of gold beneath her... More 

Truck Driver Angel Pin

CODE: TruckDriverAngel


  This trucker angel pin is all silver and is constantly protecting the truck driver. To add engraving, click here Actual Size - 1 3/4... More 

Vicki Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicki


Vicki Soto, Angel Pin

Waitress Angel Pin

CODE: WaitressAngel


  Sweet silver angel with a soda bottle.  Her name can be engraved in the heart, To add engraving, click here Actual size... More