CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Nurse Angel Pins

Nurse Angel Pins

Eric Angel Pin

CODE: EricAngelPin


Male Nurse Angel Pin

Nurse Angel Pin

CODE: NurseAngel


  This dutiful nurse angel pin proudly wears a nurses cap, flouncy pleated skirt with a bow at the neck.  She has airy wire wings and a... More 

Nurse Angel Pin - Nurse Appreciation

CODE: Nurse Appreciation Angel Pin


  This beautiful Silver Nurse Angel Pin was designed for Nurses Appreciation Week.  She wears a silver gown and a silver nurses... More 

Nurse Angel Pin, Erin Amanda

CODE: NurseAngel,ErinAmanda


  This angel wears a teal pleated robe with simple silver wings.  She has a nurses cap on her head and golden flip flop on her... More 

Nurse Angel Pin, Julie

CODE: NurseJulie


  This dutiful nurse angel pin proudly wears a nurses cap, and starched skirt.  She has a stethoscope around her neck and carries a... More 

Nurse Angel Pin, Mallori

CODE: NurseAngel,Mallori


  The  Mallori Nurse Angel Pin is all decked out in green from her wings to her halo to her gown. She has a silver heart that can be... More 

Nurse Pinning Angel Pin

CODE: Nurse Pinning Angel Pin


Nurse Pinning Angel Pin

Nurse Teacher Angel Pin

CODE: NurseTeacherAngel


  The Nurse Teacher Angel pin has silver  wings, a silver nurses cap and silver halo and silver pleated skirt.  She has a silver... More 

Nursing Angel Pin

CODE: Nursing Angel Pin


Nursing Angel Pin