CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Musical Angel Pins

Accordian Angel Pin

CODE: Accordian Angel Pin


Accordian Angel Pin

Drummer Angel Pin, Danny

CODE: DrummerAngel,Danny


  The  Danny Drummer Angel Pin is making beautiful music with his drums in heaven.  He has his favorite cat at his side.  The... More 

Drummer Angel Pin, Sean

CODE: DrummerAngel,Sean


  This Drummer Angel wears his orange shorts and halo.  He's ever beating his drum. Actual Size - 1 1/4 inches Order yours now. Drummer... More 

Drummer Boy Angel Pin, Dustin

CODE: DrummerDustin


The  Dustin Angel Pin is playing drums, in flight.  He has golden wire wings and silver flowing pants.  He has a silver twisted halo on top... More 

Drummer Randy Angel Pin

CODE: Drummer Randy Angel Pin


Drummer Randy Angel Pin

Dulcimer Angel Pin

CODE: DulcimerAngel


  This  Angel Pin wears wears a loosely pleated silver skirt with beautiful filigree wings.  She wears a crystal halo and is... More 

Flutist Angel Pin, Flute

CODE: FluteAngel


  This happy little angel pin is playing her flute and making beautiful music.  She wears a loosely pleated skirt with a bow at the... More 

Guitar Angel Pin, Blake

CODE: MusicBlakeAngel


  The  Blake Angel Pin is wearing an orange hat and shirt and is playing his guitar.  He has a gold heart with his heart engraved... More 

Guitar Angel Pin, Kathryn

CODE: GuitarAngel,Kathryn


  The  Kathryn Angel Pin wears silver skirt, edged with lavender crystal hearts, and has silver wire wings.  She has a heart of... More 

Guitar Angel Pin, Wesley

CODE: GuitarAngelWyesle


  Guitar Angel Pin, Wesley wears a golden baseball cap and silver britches.  He has a bird on his wing and is playing his guitar. ... More 

Guitar Player Angel Pin, Guitarist

CODE: GuitarPlayerAngel


  The  guitar player angel pin wears a silver blue jean jacket and silver pants.  He is playing his guitar, evidenced by the music... More 

Harmony Angel Pin

CODE: HarmonyAngel


  The Harmony Angel Pin wears beautiful sparkling golden gown.  She has filigree silver wings, a heart of gold that can be engraved and... More