CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Military Angel Pins

military angel pins

VFW Angel Pin, Lynn



  This amazing angel pin features beautiful silver butterfly wings with a lily discreetly displayed on one side and the American Flag on the... More 

Veteran Angel Pin, Casey

CODE: Veteran Angel Pin, Casey


The Veteran Angel Pin is all decked out in silver.  He wears a silver ball cap and is looking up towards the heavens.  He has a huge heart and is waving the American Flag.

USMC Angel Pin

CODE: Usmc Angel


  The USMC Harley Angel pin has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver trousers.  He carries an American flag, Marine insignia... More 

Soldier Angel Pin, Steve

CODE: SoliderAngel,Steve


  The  Dad with two Soldier's Angel Pin wears hammered silver pants with a heart and cross at the neckline.  His two brave... More 

Soldier Angel Pin

CODE: SoliderAngel


  This soldier is carrying his baby girl, if only in his thoughts, right now.  Angel Silhouette in silver, baby blanket is silver. ... More 

Peace Corps Angel Pin

CODE: PeaceCorpsAngel


  Peace Corps Angel Pin has strong silver wings and wears silver trousers.  This angel pin has a golden dove on his wing, a golden heart... More 

Patriotic Angel Pin

CODE: PatrioticAngel


  This angel pin wears a plain pleated skirt and a crystal halo.  She has wire butterfly wings and her heart is painted red, white and... More 

Navy Mechanic Angel Pin

CODE: NavyMechanicAngel


  This tough little angel has aviator wings and a wrench in his hand, always prepared to do his job.  He proudly wears his USN insignia... More 

Navy Angel Pin, Brian

CODE: NavyAngelBrian


  The  Navy Angel Pin, Brian can have his name engraved on a gold heart with his birthstone below his name.  He has golden wings... More 

Navy Angel Pin

CODE: NavyAngel


  Actual Size- 1 3/8 inches Order yours now. Navy Angel Pin Price $16.95 Designs on this page are for every branch of the United States... More 

Military Angel Pin

CODE: MilitaryAngel


  Simple Military Angel Pin, base is all silver, halo and army insignia are gold.  We can switch out any military service insignia on... More 

Marine Pilot Angel Pin

CODE: MarinePilotAngel


  The  Marine Pilot Angel Pin wears silver trousers, and has silver pilot wings.  He has the Marine EGA on his chest with a fighter... More