CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Awareness Angel Pins

Mitochondrial Angel Pin, Brother and Sister

CODE: MitochondrialBrotherSister


  This angel pin has 2 angels, a little boy angel and a little girl angel wearing all silver.  There is a green ribbon bringing... More 

Breast Cancer Survivor Angel Pin, Judy

CODE: BreastCancerSurvivor


  The  Breast Cancer Survivor Angel Pin has a pretty pleated gown and butterfly wings.  There are precious pink crystals on the... More 

Breast Cancer Princess Angel Pin

CODE: BreastCancerPrincess


  Pretty in pink, this sweet angel pin is a reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness.  She wears a pink crystal crown and has a layered gown... More 

Alzheimer Caregiver Angel Pin

CODE: AlzheimerAngel


  This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt with a small gathering of "forget-me-nots" at the neckline.  She has dove wings stretched to... More 

Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Angel Pin

CODE: Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Angel Pin

Breast Cancer Angel Pin -2009

CODE: BreastCancer2009


  The Breast Cancer Angel Pin (2009) has a simple silver gown and butterfly wings.  This angel pin has a beautiful pink crystal halo and... More 

Alzheimer's Angel Pin

CODE: Alzheimer'sAngel


  Forget-me-not angel wears a block pattern, silver skirt with butterfly wings and a crystal halo.  She has a small bunch of... More 

Heart Condition Angel Pin

CODE: HeartConditionAngel


  The  Heart Condition Angel Pin wears a crystal halo and has a red heart with a medical insignia, designating her as a guardian angel... More 

Domestic Violence Angel Pin, Danielle

CODE: DomesticViolenceAngel,Danielle


  The Danielle, Domestic Violence Angel pin has silver butterfly wings, a silver flowing gown with a large silver heart at the... More 

Alzheimer Angel Pin, Linda

CODE: AlzheimerAngel


The Alzheimer Angel pin has silver filigree wings, a decorative silver flowing gown with 3 purple crystal forget-me-nots at the neckline.  This... More 

America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin

CODE: America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin


The America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin was designed in honor of our Police Officers.  She wears a painted skirt that bear the stars and stripes of our... More 

Soccer Angel Pin, Adam

CODE: Soccer Angel Pin, Adam


The Soccer Angel Pin is all decked out in silver with a golden halo atop his head.  He has his favorite soccer ball at his feet and an awareness ribbon... More