CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Girl Angel Pins

Girl Angel Pins

Baby Girl Angel Pin, Reese

CODE: BabyGirlAngel,Reese


  The Dragonfly Angel pin wears a simple, silver gown.  She has beautiful silver wings and a dragonfly flutters along side her. Actual... More 

Baby Josie Angel Pin

CODE: Baby Josie Angel Pin


Baby Josie Angel Pin

Birthstone Angel Pin, Kristin

CODE: KristinBirthstoneAngel


  This lovely angel pin features outstretched wings of gold and a lovely flowing gown.  Her heart of gold is engraved with her... More 

Bridget Angel Pin

CODE: BridgetAngel


  The  Bridget Angel Pin wears a golden flared skirt and a crown of course.  What princess would be without their crown.  Her... More 

Brooke Angel Pin

CODE: BrookeAngel


  The  Brooke Angel Pin has upswept, silver wings.  Her name is engraved on a golden heart, with her birthstone beneath her... More 

Caroline Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Caroline Girl Angel Pin


Caroline Girl Angel Pin

Cassie Angel Pin

CODE: CassieAngel


  The  Cassie Angel wears a silver  skirt edged with bows and crystals at the hem. On her pearl head sits a tiara and a twisted... More 

Catie Girl Angel Pin

CODE: CatieAngel


  The  Catie Angel Pin has her name engraved on a gold heart with her birthstone below her name.  She is wearing a silver pleated... More 

Cecilia Angel Pin

CODE: CeciliaAngel


  Cecilia Angel Pin wears a gorgeous ornate silver skirt with her birthstones lining the hem.  She has white wings, reminescent of... More 

Christine Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ChristineAngel


  The  Christine Angel can be made as a pin, an ornament, or a keychain.  Her initials are engraved on a decorative silver... More 

Communion Angel Pin

CODE: CommunionAngel


  The Communion Angel Pin wears a flouncy pleated skirt with wire wings and a heart with the cross in the center. Actual Size -  1... More 

Compassionate Angel Pin

CODE: CompassionateAngel


  The  Compassionate Angel Pin wears a flowing silver skirt, and has outstretched silver wings.  This angel pin has a golden... More