CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Girl Angel Pins

Girl Angel Pins

Vicki Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicki


Vicki Soto, Angel Pin

Alyssa Angel Pin, Daddy's Little Angel

CODE: AlyssaAngel


  This design was one of my Name the Angel Contest winners. Read Alyssa's story, written by her grand-mother.  She describes each part... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Sophia Grace

CODE: GirlAngel


  The  Sophia Grace Angel Pin wears a simple silver skirt and upswept, golden, curly wings.  She has a pearl head with a gold... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Julianne

CODE: GirlAngel,Julianne


  This Julianne Angel wears is all decked out in silver.  She has her string bass, that is taller than she is and her favorite cat at... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Layla

CODE: GirlAngel,Layla


  The Layla Angel pin has silver  wings, a silver halo and silver pleated skirt.  She has a golden heart on her chest that can be... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Lily Grace

CODE: GirlAngel,LilyGrace


  The Lily Grace Angel pin has silver  wings, a silver halo and silver pleated skirt.  She has a beautiful silver lily in her hand.... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Emily

CODE: GirlAngel,Emily


  The  "We Love Emily" Angel Pin wears silver skirt, and has purple butterfly wings.  She has a heart of gold that can be engraved... More 

Mary Beth Angel Pin

CODE: Mary Beth Angel Pin


Princess angel pin, Mary Beth Angel Pin, Girl Angel Pin

Angel Pin, Allison

CODE: Allison


  The  Allison Angel wears a silver  pleated skirt with a bow at the neckline and a golden flip flop on the hem. On her pearl head... More 

Angela Shannon Angel Pin

CODE: AngelaShannon


  Angela Shannon wears a loosely pleated skirt,  wire flutter wings, a gold halo and a small gold heart. To add engraving, please... More 

Anna Angel Pin

CODE: AnnaAngel


  Anna wears a flowing, loosely pleated, silver skirt.  She has wire lacey, filigree wings.  She is holding a lily and wears a... More 

Catie Girl Angel Pin

CODE: CatieAngel


  The  Catie Angel Pin has her name engraved on a gold heart with her birthstone below her name.  She is wearing a silver pleated... More