CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Girl Angel Pins

Girl Angel Pins

Wendy, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelWendy


  The Wendy, Girl Angel Pin wears a pleated gown with a perfect bow at the neck, flowers on her wings and a ladybug on her hem. Actual size... More 

Weight Loss Angel Pin

CODE: WeightLossAngel


  The  Quitting is not an Option Angel Pin wears a silver bubbled skirt and has silver wings.  She wears a twisted silver halo. The... More 

Vicki Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicki


Vicki Soto, Angel Pin

Vicci Lynell, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicciLynell


  The  Vicci Lynell, Girl Angel Pin wears a beautifully detailed silver gown.  She has silver, uplifted wings, a crystal halo and... More 

Turtle Angel Pin

CODE: Turtle Angel Pin


Turtle Angel Pin

Tricia Angel Pin

CODE: Tricia Angel Pin


Tricia Angel Pin

Traveling Angel Pin

CODE: TravelAngel


The Traveling Angel Pin is all decked out in her lovely red gown with sweet golden wings and a thin golden halo.  She is carrying her suitcase as she... More 

Teen Angel Pin

CODE: TeenAngelPin


  Actual Size - 7/8 inches Order yours now. Teen Angel Pin Price $3.00 More 

Sybil, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelSybil


  The  Sybil, Girl Angel Pin wears a long gown that has a simple, yet interesting design.  The round circles on the skirt design... More 

St. Patricks Day Angel - 2016

CODE: St. Patricks Day Angel - 2016


St. Patrick's Day Angel Pin is all dressed in a Gorgeous Green Gown.  She has a heart of gold at the neckline and is sure to attract attention with her beauty and save you from a pinch on St. Patrick's Day.

Sierra - Cowgirl Angel Pin

CODE: SierraCowgirl


  Cowgirl Sierra is fluttering across heaven in her cowboy boots and hat.  She wears a long silver patterned skirt and has whimsical... More 

Shannon, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ShannonAngel


  Shannon, Girl Angel Pin has airy, silver butterfly wings, a silver pleated gown with "Expect a Miracle" at the hem. Actual Size - 1 inch... More