CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Girl Angel Pins

Girl Angel Pins

Teen Angel Pin

CODE: TeenAngelPin


  Actual Size - 7/8 inches Order yours now. Teen Angel Pin Price $3.00 More 

Girl Angel Pin, Lily Mae

CODE: GirlAngel,LilyMae


  This angel pin wears a simple silver gown with silver wings and a twisted halo.  She holds a pink lily. Actual Size - 1 inch Order... More 

Progeria Awareness Angel Pin, Adalia Rose

CODE: ProgeriaAwarenessAngelAdaliaRose


  Sweet, petite, just like Adalia Rose.  This little girl angel pin is carrying a simple pink rose.  Wear her proudly to raise... More 

Angela Angel Pin

CODE: AngelaAngel


  Angela Angel Pin wears a simple, pleated silver skirt with leaf shaped wings.  She has a simple gold heart on her chest. Actual Size... More 

Kristi, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: KristiAngel


  Kristi Angel Pin is peeking around her huge gold heart.  She has playful wire wings and a golden halo atop her pearl head. Actual... More 

Angelina Marie Angel Pin

CODE: AngelinaMarie


  This angel wears a simple golden gown with wire wings and a twisted halo. Actual Size - 1 inch Order yours now. Angelina Marie Angel Pin... More 

Lauren Elizabeth, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: LaurenElizabethAngel


  This angel pin has airy, silver butterfly wings, a silver flowing gown with a gold bow at the neck  and a silver twisted halo.... More 

KR Girl Angel Pin

CODE: KR Girl Angel Pin


The KR angel is dedicated to those rare individuals that have genuine empathy for people. They not only help those in need but do so without bring asked,... More 

Sarah, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: SarahAngel


  Sarah, Girl Angel PIn wears a full gown with a bow at the neck, butterfly wings and a twisted halo. Actual Size - 1 1/4 inches Order yours... More 

Shannon, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ShannonAngel


  Shannon, Girl Angel Pin has airy, silver butterfly wings, a silver pleated gown with "Expect a Miracle" at the hem. Actual Size - 1 inch... More 

Communion Angel Pin

CODE: CommunionAngel


  The Communion Angel Pin wears a flouncy pleated skirt with wire wings and a heart with the cross in the center. Actual Size -  1... More 

Compassionate Angel Pin

CODE: CompassionateAngel


  The  Compassionate Angel Pin wears a flowing silver skirt, and has outstretched silver wings.  This angel pin has a golden... More