CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Girl Angel Pins

Girl Angel Pins

Accounting Angel Pin

CODE: AcctAngel


  The Accounting Angel Pin has a silver pleated skirt and has silver wings.  This angel wears a twisted silver halo and holds a silver... More 

Addison Angel Pin - Baseball

CODE: AddisonBaseball


  Addison wears a flowing golden skirt and playful golden wire wings.  She has a silver heart at the neckline with her name engraved and... More 

Addison Grace Angel Pin

CODE: AddiGrace


  Addison Grace wears a sweet silver skirt and flower etched golden wings.  She has a bow at the neckline with a place for her... More 

Alex Birthstone Angel Pin

CODE: AlexBirthstoneAngel


The Alex Birthstone Angel Pin wears a sweet silver printed skirt.  She has wings with spaces for crystals and a pink bow with a crystal in the middle.... More 

Allie Angel Pin - Tae Kwon Do



  Allie Angel wears a loosely pleated skirt with a black bow at the neck, representing the black belt she earned.  There is a "sunburst"... More 

Alyssa Angel Pin, Daddy's Little Angel

CODE: AlyssaAngel


  This design was one of my Name the Angel Contest winners. Read Alyssa's story, written by her grand-mother.  She describes each part... More 

Alzheimer Caregiver Angel Pin

CODE: AlzheimerAngel


  This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt with a small gathering of "forget-me-nots" at the neckline.  She has dove wings stretched to... More 

Amanda Angel Pin

CODE: AmandaAngel


  Amanda Angel Pin wears graceful flowing skirt and has delicate butterfly wings.  She wears a crystal halo and has a heart, which has... More 

America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin

CODE: America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin


The America Thin Blue Line Angel Pin was designed in honor of our Police Officers.  She wears a painted skirt that bear the stars and stripes of our... More 

Amy Lin Angel Pin

CODE: AmyLinAngel


  The  Amy Lin Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated golden robe, golden wings and a golden halo.  She has a red cardinal on her... More 

Angel Hugs Angel Pin

CODE: AngelHugsAngel


  Angel Hugs Angel Pin portrays twin boy and girl angels, wings embracing.  Little Mackenzie is sneaking a little kiss on the cheek of... More 

Angel of Life Angel Pin - Alexia Ryley

CODE: LifeAngel


  The Alexia Angel of Life Angel pin has silver butterfly wings, a silver flowing gown with a small golden heart at the neckline.  Her... More 

Angel of Strength Angel Pin

CODE: AngelStrength


  The Angel of Strength Angel Pin wears a long flowing robe and beautiful fan shaped wings.  She has a silver twisted halo on a pearl... More 

Angel Pin - Air Cavalry

CODE: AirCav


  This angel wears a silver pleated robe with simple silver wings.  She has a black Stetson on her head and black boots with... More 

Angel Pin - Ally

CODE: Ally


  The Ally Angel pin wears a simple, pleated silver gown.  She has beautiful silver wings and a  golden heart on her chest that can... More 

Angel Pin, Allison

CODE: Allison


  The  Allison Angel wears a silver  pleated skirt with a bow at the neckline and a golden flip flop on the hem. On her pearl head... More 

Angela Angel Pin

CODE: AngelaAngel


  Angela Angel Pin wears a simple, pleated silver skirt with leaf shaped wings.  She has a simple gold heart on her chest. Actual Size... More 

Angela Shannon Angel Pin

CODE: AngelaShannon


  Angela Shannon wears a loosely pleated skirt,  wire flutter wings, a gold halo and a small gold heart. To add engraving, please... More 

Angelina Marie Angel Pin

CODE: AngelinaMarie


  This angel wears a simple golden gown with wire wings and a twisted halo. Actual Size - 1 inch Order yours now. Angelina Marie Angel Pin... More 

Anna Angel Pin

CODE: AnnaAngel


  Anna wears a flowing, loosely pleated, silver skirt.  She has wire lacey, filigree wings.  She is holding a lily and wears a... More 

Annie B Angel Pin

CODE: AnnieBAngel


   This angel wears a silver pleated robe with silver etched wings.  Her name is engraved on a heart of gold and she has a light... More 

Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee

CODE: AuntDeeDeeAngel


  The Aunt Angel Pin, DeeDee wears a golden skirt with playful little legs peaking out at the hem.  This angel pin has a heart at the... More 

Ava, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Ava, Girl Angel Pin


Ava, Girl Angel Pin

Baby Angel Pin, Emma

CODE: Baby Emma Angel Pin


Baby Emma Angel Pin

Baby Girl Angel Pin, Reese

CODE: BabyGirlAngel,Reese


  The Dragonfly Angel pin wears a simple, silver gown.  She has beautiful silver wings and a dragonfly flutters along side her. Actual... More 

Baby Josie Angel Pin

CODE: Baby Josie Angel Pin


Baby Josie Angel Pin

Birthstone Angel Pin, Kristin

CODE: KristinBirthstoneAngel


  This lovely angel pin features outstretched wings of gold and a lovely flowing gown.  Her heart of gold is engraved with her... More 

Bridget Angel Pin

CODE: BridgetAngel


  The  Bridget Angel Pin wears a golden flared skirt and a crown of course.  What princess would be without their crown.  Her... More 

Brooke Angel Pin

CODE: BrookeAngel


  The  Brooke Angel Pin has upswept, silver wings.  Her name is engraved on a golden heart, with her birthstone beneath her... More 

Caroline Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Caroline Girl Angel Pin


Caroline Girl Angel Pin

Cassie Angel Pin

CODE: CassieAngel


  The  Cassie Angel wears a silver  skirt edged with bows and crystals at the hem. On her pearl head sits a tiara and a twisted... More 

Catie Girl Angel Pin

CODE: CatieAngel


  The  Catie Angel Pin has her name engraved on a gold heart with her birthstone below her name.  She is wearing a silver pleated... More 

Cecilia Angel Pin

CODE: CeciliaAngel


  Cecilia Angel Pin wears a gorgeous ornate silver skirt with her birthstones lining the hem.  She has white wings, reminescent of... More 

Christine Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ChristineAngel


  The  Christine Angel can be made as a pin, an ornament, or a keychain.  Her initials are engraved on a decorative silver... More 

Communion Angel Pin

CODE: CommunionAngel


  The Communion Angel Pin wears a flouncy pleated skirt with wire wings and a heart with the cross in the center. Actual Size -  1... More 

Compassionate Angel Pin

CODE: CompassionateAngel


  The  Compassionate Angel Pin wears a flowing silver skirt, and has outstretched silver wings.  This angel pin has a golden... More 

Confirmation Angel Pin, Hannah

CODE: ConfirmationAngel


  The  Confirmation Angel Pin, Hannah has beautiful dove wings and a softly pleated skirt.  She wears a crystal halo.  A small... More 

Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Angel Pin

CODE: Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Crystal Ovarian Cancer Awareness Angel Pin

Dancing with an Angel Pin, Catherine

CODE: DancingWithAnAngel,Cathe


  The Catherine Angel Pin is a portrayal of the baby Catherine dancing with Kateri Tekakwitha, who is watching over her as she develops.... More 

Dancing with Angels Necklace, Jordan

CODE: DancingWithAngels,Jo


  Dancing with Angels Angel Pin is a portrayal of a girl angel, dancing with a small, baby boy angel.  It is shown on a silver chain to... More 

Dani - Cowgirl Angel Pin

CODE: CowgirlDani


  The  Dani Angel Pin wears a sassy skirt topped with a big heart.  She has delicate butterfly wings.  Her halo has precious... More 

Danielle, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: DanielleAngel


  The  Danielle Angel wears a gold pleated skirt and twisted halo.  Her favorite thing, her dog is at her hem.  He loved her... More 

Delores, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: DeloresAngel


  Delores wears a plain, straight, silver skirt.  She has wire wings that add attitude and whimsy to this design.  She has a large... More 

Donna, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: DonnaAngel


  The Donna Angel Pin has beautiful quilted wings and a simple golden gown, tied at the neck with a bow.  There are three flowers at the... More 

Edye, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: EdyeAngel


  This Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated skirt,  upswept, wire wings, a crystal halo and a decorative gold heart with etched flowers.... More 

Elyse, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ElyseAngel


  Elyse Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated skirt with a heart of gold at the neck.  She has beautiful butterfly wings and a twisted halo.... More 

Embrace The Angel Pin ®

CODE: EmbraceTheAngel


  The "Embrace the Angel"® Pin wears silver a silver gown and fun little silver wings.  She has a silver heart with a black and blue... More 

Emily, Girl Angel Pin with Bear

CODE: EmilyBearAngel


  This angel pin wears a sweet silver skirt that would fan out beautifully in a twirl.  She has lacy silver butterfly wings, and ping... More