Family Angel Pins

Godmother Angel Pin

CODE: GodmotherAngel


  The Godmother angel pin wears a flowing white skirt top coated with a glitter iridescent for that touch of magic.  She has beautiful... More 

Foster Mom Angel Pin

CODE: FosterMomAngel


  The Foster Mom Angel Pin has a heart of gold with sweet little angel wings and halo on top.  She wears a layered, pleated robe. ... More 

Uncle Steven Angel Pin

CODE: Uncle Steven Angel Pin


The Uncle Steven Angel pin just radiates Joy and Love.  All decked out in gold, this angel pin is jumping for joy with his hand outstretched.  He... More 

Family Angel Pin, Morgan

CODE: FamilyAngel,Morgan


  Morgan's Dad is a Police Officer.  In this design, the police officer is carrying his baby angel, wrapped in a golden blanket, close... More 

Mom and Twins Angel Pin

CODE: MomAndTwinsAngel


  The Mom and Twins Angel pin has silver wire wings, a crystal halo and silver skirt.  She has her precious twins fluttering in front of... More 

Mother Angel Pin, Praying

CODE: MotherAngel


  This  Praying Mother Angel Pin has a beautiful golden orchid at her hem.  She has a heart of gold that can be engraved with up to... More 

Mom Angel Pin, Carol

CODE: Mom Angel Pin, Carol


  Carol wears a pleated robe and elegant wire wings.  She is holding a bouquet of golden yellow carnations. Actual Size - 2 inches... More 

Grandma Angel Pin, Joyce

CODE: GrandmaAngel,Joyce


  The Gamma Angel wears a lovely golden gown with a heart of gold, puffed with love on the chest.  She has golden wire wings and a... More 

Family Angel Pin,Sean

  The  Family Man Angel Pin wears a baseball cap with the bill straight out, as though an umbrella of protection for his children. To... More 

Pregnancy Angel Pin

CODE: PregnancyAngel


  The  Mom to Be Angel Pin wears silver skirt and has golden wire wings and a crystal halo.   She has a heart of gold that can... More 

Mom and Baby Angel Pin

CODE: Mom and Baby Angel Pin


  This Mom watches over her princess angel, all dressed in gold. Actual size - 1 1/2 inches Order yours now. Mom and Baby Angel Pin Price... More 

Mother of the Bride Angel Pin

CODE: MotherOfTheBrideAngel


  The Mother of the Bride Angel pin wears a simple, pleated silver gown.  She is carrying a silver bouquet. Actual size - 1 3/4 inches... More