CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Family Angel Pins

Sisters Angel Pin, Heart

CODE: SistersAngel,Heart


  The Heart Sisters Angel pin has adorable and fun silver wings, a crystal halo and silver flowing skirt.  She proudly holds a silver... More 

Sisters in Heaven Angel Pin

CODE: SistersAngel


  The  Sisters in Heaven Angels wear similar gowns with sweet little pink bows at the neck.  They both have butterfly wings and... More 

Family Angel Pin, Morgan

CODE: FamilyAngel,Morgan


  Morgan's Dad is a Police Officer.  In this design, the police officer is carrying his baby angel, wrapped in a golden blanket, close... More 

Mom on my shoulder Angel Pin

CODE: MomShoulder


  The "Mom Angel on my Shoulder" Angel Pin has elegant lace wings. She wears a flowing skirt of silver and wears a beautiful crystal halo on... More 

Mom and Twins Angel Pin

CODE: MomAndTwinsAngel


  The Mom and Twins Angel pin has silver wire wings, a crystal halo and silver skirt.  She has her precious twins fluttering in front of... More 

Family Angel Pin,Sean

  The  Family Man Angel Pin wears a baseball cap with the bill straight out, as though an umbrella of protection for his children. To... More 

Foster Mom Angel Pin

CODE: FosterMomAngel


  The Foster Mom Angel Pin has a heart of gold with sweet little angel wings and halo on top.  She wears a layered, pleated robe. ... More 

Grandma Angel Pin, Joyce

CODE: GrandmaAngel,Joyce


  The Gamma Angel wears a lovely golden gown with a heart of gold, puffed with love on the chest.  She has golden wire wings and a... More 

Mom and Baby Angel Pin

CODE: Mom and Baby Angel Pin


  This Mom watches over her princess angel, all dressed in gold. Actual size - 1 1/2 inches Order yours now. Mom and Baby Angel Pin Price... More 

Mother Angel Pin, Praying

CODE: MotherAngel


  This  Praying Mother Angel Pin has a beautiful golden orchid at her hem.  She has a heart of gold that can be engraved with up to... More 

Mom Angel Pin

CODE: MomAngel


  The Mother angel pin wears a a pleated silver skirt.  She has beautiful wire wings and a simple twisted halo.  There is a heart... More 

Gran Angel Pin, Alice

CODE: GranAngel,Alice


  A Grandma Angel with a dog and a cat at the hem. Actual Size - 2 1/2 inches Order yours now. Gran Angel Pin, Alice Price $21.95 This... More