CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Family Angel Pins

Mom Angel Pin, Boy And Girl

CODE: MomAngel,BoyAndGirl


  The Mom with Twins Angel Pin is an adorable Mom with her boy and girl twin angels. Engraving is not available for this design. Actual... More 

Sister Angel Pin, Deana

CODE: SisterAngel,Deana


  The  Deana Angel Pin wears a simple pleated silver skirt.  Her wings are colored pink, green and blue symbolizing joy.  She... More 

Safe Pregnancy Guardian Angel Pin

CODE: SafePregnancyGuardianAngel


  The Safe Pregnancy Guardian Angel pin has silver quilted wings, a silver gown cinched at the neckline with a bow.  This angel pin has... More 

Friends Angel Pin

CODE: FriendsAngel


  I suggested the name "Journey" for this group because people that have been friends for over 30 years have definitely had some... More 

Children Angel Pin

CODE: ChildrenAngel


  The I Love Children Angel pin has lacy wings and a crystal halo.  She wears a flowing silver gown and has a large heart of gold. ... More 

Mamaw Angel Pin

CODE: MamawAngel


  The  Mamaw Angel Pin wears a golden skirt, and has outstretched golden wings.  Her halo is amethyst (please designate birth month... More 

Father Daughter Angel Pin

CODE: FatherDaughterAngel


  The Father-Daughter Angel pin two silver angels. Each angel has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver gown.  There is a... More 

Father Daughter Angel Pin, Hunter

CODE: FatherDaughter,Hunter


  The Father-Daughter Hunter Angel pin is two silver angels. Each angel has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver gown.  There... More 

Godmother Angel Pin

CODE: GodmotherAngel


  The Godmother angel pin wears a flowing white skirt top coated with a glitter iridescent for that touch of magic.  She has beautiful... More 

Mom Angel Pin, Carol

CODE: Mom Angel Pin, Carol


  Carol wears a pleated robe and elegant wire wings.  She is holding a bouquet of golden yellow carnations. Actual Size - 2 inches... More 

Sisters Angel Pin, Heart

CODE: SistersAngel,Heart


  The Heart Sisters Angel pin has adorable and fun silver wings, a crystal halo and silver flowing skirt.  She proudly holds a silver... More 

Sister and Brother, Hunter Angel Pin

CODE: Sister Brother Hunter Angel Pin


  This sweet combination features a sister all dressed in silver, with arms extended and her baby angel brother right by her side.  The... More