CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Family Angel Pins

Adoption Angel Pin, Liam

CODE: AdoptionAngelLiam


  The  Adoption Angel Pin represents the love an adoptive parent has for their little angel. The base of this angel pin is a silver... More 

Angel Hugs Angel Pin

CODE: AngelHugsAngel


  Angel Hugs Angel Pin portrays twin boy and girl angels, wings embracing.  Little Mackenzie is sneaking a little kiss on the cheek of... More 

Aunt and Niece Angel Pin

CODE: AuntNieceAngel


  The Aunt and Niece Angel Pin has 2 angels.  The Aunt portion of the angel pin is wearing a gold skirt, with wiry wings, a crystal halo... More 

Aunt Angel Pin

CODE: AuntAngel


  The Aunt Angel pin wears a simple, silver gown.  She has beautiful silver butterfly wings and a silver heart on her chest that reads... More 

Aunt Angel Pin, Dee Dee

CODE: AuntDeeDeeAngel


  The Aunt Angel Pin, DeeDee wears a golden skirt with playful little legs peaking out at the hem.  This angel pin has a heart at the... More 

Aunt Angel Pin, Nellie

CODE: AuntAngelNellie


  The  Aunt Angel Pin, Nellie wears a long golden flowing skirt with a heart at the neckline.  The heart on this angel pin can be... More 

Best Friends Angel Pin

CODE: BestFriendsAngel


  Two angels on one pin.  They are best friends and inseparable.  One wears a flowing silver gown with wings tucked back, the other... More 

Best Friends Angel Pin, BW

CODE: BestFriendsAngelBW


  Two adorable Angels on this angel pin depicting the perfect picture of true friendship.  One angel pin is silver, one angel pin is... More 

Bride and Groom Angel Pin

CODE: BrideGroomAngel


  The Bride and Groom Angel Pin are both in silver.  The groom angel pin is a silhouette with a pearl head and silver twisted... More 

Brother and Sister Angel Pin

CODE: BrotherSister


  This beautiful angel pair are a playful couple.  They are brother and sister.  Big brother wears a baseball cap and has his baby... More 

Brothers Angel Pin

CODE: BrothersAngel


  This angel pin depicts two boys, wearing baseball caps, one in silver, the other gold, both precious.  One is holding a baseball bat,... More 

Children Angel Pin

CODE: ChildrenAngel


  The I Love Children Angel pin has lacy wings and a crystal halo.  She wears a flowing silver gown and has a large heart of gold. ... More 

Communion Angel Pin

CODE: CommunionAngel


  The Communion Angel Pin wears a flouncy pleated skirt with wire wings and a heart with the cross in the center. Actual Size -  1... More 

Daddy Angel Pin, Firefighter

CODE: FirefighterDaddy


  This angel has a heart of gold with name engraved and birthstone beneath the name.  He carries his bible and a Maltese cross. ... More 

Family Angel Pin, Morgan

CODE: FamilyAngel,Morgan


  Morgan's Dad is a Police Officer.  In this design, the police officer is carrying his baby angel, wrapped in a golden blanket, close... More 

Family Angel Pin,Sean

  The  Family Man Angel Pin wears a baseball cap with the bill straight out, as though an umbrella of protection for his children. To... More 

Father Daughter Angel Pin

CODE: FatherDaughterAngel


  The Father-Daughter Angel pin two silver angels. Each angel has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver gown.  There is a... More 

Father Daughter Angel Pin, Hunter

CODE: FatherDaughter,Hunter


  The Father-Daughter Hunter Angel pin is two silver angels. Each angel has silver wings, a silver twisted halo and silver gown.  There... More 

Fertility Guardian Angel Pin

CODE: FertilityGuardianAngel


  This Fertility Guardian Angel has precious golden, quilted wings.  She wears a simple golden skirt and twisted halo.  At the hem... More 

Forget Me Not Sisters Angel Pin

CODE: ForgetMeNotSistersAngel


  Three angels, always together in their hearts.  The angel on the left and right are all dressed in gold, the angel in the center is... More 

Foster Mom Angel Pin

CODE: FosterMomAngel


  The Foster Mom Angel Pin has a heart of gold with sweet little angel wings and halo on top.  She wears a layered, pleated robe. ... More 

Friends Angel Pin

CODE: FriendsAngel


  I suggested the name "Journey" for this group because people that have been friends for over 30 years have definitely had some... More 

Godmother Angel Pin

CODE: GodmotherAngel


  The Godmother angel pin wears a flowing white skirt top coated with a glitter iridescent for that touch of magic.  She has beautiful... More 

Gold Star Mom Angel Pin

CODE: GoldStarMom


  This gold star angel pin wears a pleated silver robe and a gold star halo.  Wings are etched.  This angel has a gold star in the... More 

Gran Angel Pin, Alice

CODE: GranAngel,Alice


  A Grandma Angel with a dog and a cat at the hem. Actual Size - 2 1/2 inches Order yours now. Gran Angel Pin, Alice Price $21.95 This... More 

Grandfather Angel Pin

CODE: GrandfatherAngel


  The  Grandfather Angel Pin is standing ready for his grandchildren to come and play.  This angel pin has a gold base with silver... More 

Grandma Angel Pin, Bonnie

CODE: GrandmaAngel,Bonnie


  The Grammy Bonnie Angel Pin has a heart of gold engraved with her name.  She wears a beautiful silver robe, with a silver apron. ... More 

Grandma Angel Pin, Joyce

CODE: GrandmaAngel,Joyce


  The Gamma Angel wears a lovely golden gown with a heart of gold, puffed with love on the chest.  She has golden wire wings and a... More 

Mama Angel Pin

CODE: Mama Angel Pin


  The  Little Mama Angel Pin has silver flowing skirt, wire silver wings and a twisted silver halo. The silver heart  at the... More 

Mamaw Angel Pin

CODE: MamawAngel


  The  Mamaw Angel Pin wears a golden skirt, and has outstretched golden wings.  Her halo is amethyst (please designate birth month... More 

Mom and Baby Angel Pin

CODE: Mom and Baby Angel Pin


  This Mom watches over her princess angel, all dressed in gold. Actual size - 1 1/2 inches Order yours now. Mom and Baby Angel Pin Price... More 

Mom and Dad Angel Pin

CODE: MomAndDadAngel


  The Mom and Dad Angel Pin  portrays unconditional love signified by the large heart shared between them.  Both are... More 

Mom and Robin Angel Pin

CODE: MomAndRobinAngel


  The  Mom and Robin Angel Pin, Mom Angel wears a pleated silver skirt.  Her wings are outstretched and she wears a sleek, twisted,... More 

Mom and Twins Angel Pin

CODE: MomAndTwinsAngel


  The Mom and Twins Angel pin has silver wire wings, a crystal halo and silver skirt.  She has her precious twins fluttering in front of... More 

Mom Angel Pin

CODE: MomAngel


  The Mother angel pin wears a a pleated silver skirt.  She has beautiful wire wings and a simple twisted halo.  There is a heart... More 

Mom Angel Pin with crystal skirt

CODE: MomAngelWithCrystalSkirt


  This Mom Angel Pin wears a beautiful silver skirt that is accented with green crystals.  She has sweet silver wire wings, and a pearl... More 

Mom Angel Pin, Boy And Girl

CODE: MomAngel,BoyAndGirl


  The Mom with Twins Angel Pin is an adorable Mom with her boy and girl twin angels. Engraving is not available for this design. Actual... More 

Mom Angel Pin, Carol

CODE: Mom Angel Pin, Carol


  Carol wears a pleated robe and elegant wire wings.  She is holding a bouquet of golden yellow carnations. Actual Size - 2 inches... More 

Mom Angel Pin, Mary

CODE: MomAngel,Mary


  Mom Mary wears a flowing, loosely pleated, Kelly Green skirt.  She has lovely silver wings and a crystal halo on her head.  The... More 

Mom Cowgirl Angel Pin

CODE: Mom Cowgirl Angel Pin


  The  Mom Cowgirl Angel Pin wears western print skirt and boots.  She is holding a flower, the center is a birthstone.  And... More 

Mom on my shoulder Angel Pin

CODE: MomShoulder


  The "Mom Angel on my Shoulder" Angel Pin has elegant lace wings. She wears a flowing skirt of silver and wears a beautiful crystal halo on... More 

Mother And Baby Angel Pin, Logan

CODE: MotherAndBabyAngel,Logan


  In this design, the mother angel is carrying her baby angel, wrapped in a golden blanket, close to her heart. To add engraving, click... More 

Mother and Brother Angel Pin

CODE: MotherAndBrotherAngel


  The Mother and Brother Angel pin is a pair made in heaven.  The mom angel wears a simple yet elegant pleated skirt with a gold heart... More 

Mother and Child Angel Pin, Shannon Rae

CODE: MotherAndChildAngel,ShannonRae


  These precious angels face each other, sharing a love that only a mother and child know. Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order yours now.... More 

Mother Angel Pin

CODE: MotherAngel


  This Mom Angel Pin has a simple silver skirt and outstretched wire wings.  She carries a bouquet of pink and white carnations and her... More 

Mother Angel Pin, Praying

CODE: MotherAngel


  This  Praying Mother Angel Pin has a beautiful golden orchid at her hem.  She has a heart of gold that can be engraved with up to... More 

Mother of the Bride Angel Pin

CODE: MotherOfTheBrideAngel


  The Mother of the Bride Angel pin wears a simple, pleated silver gown.  She is carrying a silver bouquet. Actual size - 1 3/4 inches... More 

Mother Of The Bride Or Groom Angel Pin

CODE: Mother Of TheBrideOrGroomAngel


  The  Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Angel Pin wears a flowing silver skirt and upswept silver wings.  She has a pearl head with a... More 

Papa Angel Pin

CODE: Papa Angel Pin


This dear Papa Angel Pin is all dressed in Silver.  His love for old cars is shown as well as his love for his faithful pet.  He has a heart of... More 

Paps Angel Pin, Volleyball

CODE: Paps Angel Pin, Volleyball


  The Paps Angel Pin portrays a grandfather with his grandaughter.  They loved to play Volleyball together and this little angel pin is... More 

Pregnancy Angel Pin

CODE: PregnancyAngel


  The  Mom to Be Angel Pin wears silver skirt and has golden wire wings and a crystal halo.   She has a heart of gold that can... More 

Rose Marie, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: RoseMarieAngel


  This angel pin wears a simple golden gown with golden wings and a crystal halo.  She is carrying a bouquet of roses of all different... More 

Safe Pregnancy Guardian Angel Pin

CODE: SafePregnancyGuardianAngel


  The Safe Pregnancy Guardian Angel pin has silver quilted wings, a silver gown cinched at the neckline with a bow.  This angel pin has... More 

Sister and Brother Angel Pin

CODE: SisterBrotherAngel


  The Sister and Brother Angel Pin has 2 angels.  The boy angel is all gold, he is holding a computer  The girl angel is all silver... More 

Sister and Brother, Hunter Angel Pin

CODE: Sister Brother Hunter Angel Pin


  This sweet combination features a sister all dressed in silver, with arms extended and her baby angel brother right by her side.  The... More 

Sister Angel Pin

CODE: SisterAngelPin


Sister Angel Pin

Sister Angel Pin With Brother

CODE: SistersAngel


  We've also added brother RJ to this design.  Big sister is watching out for him forevermore. Engraving on boy's heart limited to 3... More 

Sister Angel Pin, Deana

CODE: SisterAngel,Deana


  The  Deana Angel Pin wears a simple pleated silver skirt.  Her wings are colored pink, green and blue symbolizing joy.  She... More 

Sisters Angel Pin, Heart

CODE: SistersAngel,Heart


  The Heart Sisters Angel pin has adorable and fun silver wings, a crystal halo and silver flowing skirt.  She proudly holds a silver... More 

Sisters Guardian Angel Pin,Cindy and Donna

CODE: SistersAngel


  Donna and Cindy shared the same birth month, February.  In this angel design, the two sisters are sharing a flower with their... More 

Sisters in Heaven Angel Pin

CODE: SistersAngel


  The  Sisters in Heaven Angels wear similar gowns with sweet little pink bows at the neck.  They both have butterfly wings and... More 

Square Dancers, Husband and Wife Angel Pin

CODE: SquareDancerAngel


  The Square Dancers Angel Pin is a happy couple all decked out in adorable square dance attire. Actual Size - 1 1/2 inches Order yours now.... More 

Tennis Player Angel Pin, Aunt

CODE: TennisAngel


  The Tennis Player Angel is dressed in a flowing silver gown and carries a tennis racket.  She has wide spread silver wings and a... More 

Triplets Angel Pin

CODE: TripletsAngel


  The Triplets Angel Pin can be switched out as two girls and one boy, all boys, or all girls, just let me know in the comments section of... More 

Twin Boys And A Girl Angel Pin

CODE: TwinAngels


  Angel twin boys and an angel girl grouped together.  Each angel has silver, wire butterfly wings, pearl heads with silver, twisted... More 

Twin Girl And Boy Angel Pin

CODE: TwinAngel


  This twin angel pin features a girl and boy angel, facing each other and sharing a heart.  The heart can be engraved (limit 5... More 

Twins And Sister Angel Pin

CODE: TwinAndSisterAngel


  The Twins and Sister Angel pin is a cluster of three angels.  A big sister in the middle wears a simple silver gown with fun wire... More 

Two Boys Angel Pin

CODE: TwoBoysAngel


  The  Two Boys Angel Pin has two boy angels with their names engraved on a gold heart.  Jason wears a baseball cap and his little... More 

Uncle Steven Angel Pin

CODE: Uncle Steven Angel Pin


The Uncle Steven Angel pin just radiates Joy and Love.  All decked out in gold, this angel pin is jumping for joy with his hand outstretched.  He... More 

Wedding Angel Pin

CODE: WeddingAngel


  Two angels on one pin.  They are best friends and bride and groom.  They are inseparable.  Bride wears a full lace dress of... More 

Wedding Angel Pin, Missy

CODE: WeddingAngel,Missy


  The  Irish Wedding Angel Pin is all decked out in her wedding attire with a long flowing gown, beautiful, filigree butterfly wings and... More