CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Christmas Angel Pins

Christmas Angel Pin - 2012 -1

CODE: ChristmasAngelOrn


  The Christmas Angel  Pin Ornament is all dressed in silver with a little spark of color.  You choose what color you want the... More 

Christmas Angel Pin, 2012 - holly

CODE: ChristmasAngelHolly


  Colorful Christmas Angel Pin.  This angel pin wears a layered gown, the bottom layer is slightly tinted green, with a brilliant red... More 

Candy Cane Christmas Angel Pin

CODE: CandyCaneChristmas


  Too cute for words!!!  All dressed in gold with the sweetest little gown, cinched at the waist with a sash and little golden legs... More 

Christmas Wreath Angel Pin

CODE: Christmas Wreath Angel Pin


Christmas Wreath Angel Pin

Christmas Angel Pin, 2012 - Ball

CODE: ChristmasBall


  This Christmas Angel Pin has a silver flowing gown with double wire wings in gold and silver.  She is holding a Christmas Ornament... More 

Cowboy Christmas Angel Pin

CODE: CowboyChristmasAngel


  Fun, Fun, Fun, this angel is brimming with Christmas Joy...  This can be a boy or a girl, wearing silver pants with an underlayer of... More 

Christmas Bulb Angel Pin

CODE: Christmas Bulb Angel Pin


Christmas Bulb Angel Pin

Christmas Angel Pin - 2012, candle

CODE: ChristmasAngelCandle


  This Christmas Angel pin is such a fun design.  Wearing adorable Christmas booties with her leggings and short gown.  She has a... More 

Christmas Angel, 2012 - Bells

CODE: ChristmasBells


  This Christmas Angel Pin wears a silver split robe with butterfly wings and a crystal halo.  She is holding golden Christmas bells... More 

Christmas Ice Skating Angel Pin

CODE: IceSkatingAngel


  Our Figure Skating Angel is all dressed in silver.  She has outstretched arms and legs in full skating motion.  She wears ice... More 

Christmas Angel Pin - 2014 - Boy Holly

CODE: Christmas Angel Pin - 2014 - Boy


Christmas Angel Pin - 2014 - Boy Holly - the most festive of the collection to date.  Seeing this angel just makes you want to celebrate.

Christmas Angel Pin - 2014 - Poinsettia

CODE: Christmas Angel Pin - 2014 - Poi


This Christmas angel pin is all decked out in glitz and glamour in her golden underskirt topped off with a red glistening gown. 

This Christmas angel pin is holding a beautiful red and gold shimmering poinsettia at the neckline.