CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Boy Angel Pins

Boy Angel Pins

Ethan, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: EthanAngel


  The  Ethan Angel Pin wears playful silver trouser.  He has silver, uplifted filigree wings, and a twisted halo.  He has a... More 

F.R.O.G. Angel Pin

CODE: F.R.O.G.Angel


  I have designed an angel pin in tribute to this awesome young man of God. . . This angel wears dark blue pants, very casual, like blue... More 

Fisherman Chance Angel PIn

CODE: Fisherman Chance Angel PIn


  This angel has a heart in the center of his chest, which can be engraved and birthstone added beneath the name.  His wings and pants are... More 

Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin - Will

CODE: Fishing, Baseball Angel Pin Will


This baseball playing, fishing angel is all decked out in silver.  He has a golden halo on his head, a heart of gold that can be engraved (engraving is... More 

Graduation Angel Pin

CODE: Graduation Angel Pin


Graduation Angel Pin

Graham Angel Pin, baseball

CODE: Graham Angel Pin, baseball


The Graham Angel features a large cross with the baseball stitches painted across it and a bat and ball on top. Actual size - 1 3/4 inches Order... More 

Grandfather Angel Pin

CODE: GrandfatherAngel


  The  Grandfather Angel Pin is standing ready for his grandchildren to come and play.  This angel pin has a gold base with silver... More 

Guitar Angel Pin, Blake

CODE: MusicBlakeAngel


  The  Blake Angel Pin is wearing an orange hat and shirt and is playing his guitar.  He has a gold heart with his heart engraved... More 

Hockey Angel, #6

CODE: Hockey Angel, #6


Jack Angel Pin

CODE: Jack Angel Pin


  Jack Angel Pin is wearing his ball cap and has his beloved classic car.  He has a silver heart on his chest that can be... More 

Jerry, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: BoyAngelJerry


  The Jerry Angel pin has silver wings, a red pants.  There is a silver heart on the chest which can be engraved with his name and a... More 

Joshua Angel Pin

CODE: Joshua Angel Pin


Boy Angel Pin with chef hat and dinosaur

Larry Angel Pin

CODE: Larry Angel Pin


The Larry Angel is all decked out in silver and has a pearl head.  He was most known for his faith, which is represented by a golden cross with a dove in the center and his love for Mickey Mouse.  He has a heart of gold on his chest with his initials.  Engraving is included in the price of this angel pin, please leave your engraving instructions in the comment section at checkout (it's under shipping).  Please limit engraving to 5 characters.  Orders received without engraving instructions will be shipped with a blank heart. 

Love Motorcycle Angel Pin

CODE: LoveMotorcycleAngel


  The love the 2nd time around is a boy and girl angel with their motorcycle. Motorcycle can be painted any color, be sure to include your... More 

Man Angel Pin

CODE: ManAngel


  Man Angel Pin, Farmer Paw Paw wears his cowboy hat and a cross over the heart.  He has as ladybug at his feet. Actual Size - 1 3/4... More 

Matthew Warren Angel Pin

CODE: Matthew Warren Angel Pin


  The Matthew Warren Angel Pin was designed in memory of Matthew and to bring more awareness to mental illness.  A portion of the... More 

Michael Tennis Golf Angel Pin

CODE: Michael Tennis Golf Angel Pin


The Michael Angel Pin has a huge heart of GOLD!  He enjoys a round of tennis or golf and loves life, his friends and his family. Engraving is... More 

Michael, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: MichaelAngel


  The  Michael Angel Pin has his name engraved on a silver heart with his birthstone below his name.  He is wearing a black... More 

Mitchell, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: BoyAngelPinMitchell


Mitchell, Boy Angel Pin

Motorcycle Angel Pin

CODE: Motorcycle


  The  Angel Motorcycle Pin has a blue and orange motorcycle.  Motorcycle can be customized to several different colors.  Just... More 

Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, JP

CODE: Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, J


  The  Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin flies with his motorcycle.  He has silver legs and wire wings.  He has an awareness... More 

Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

CODE: Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin


Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

New Driver Angel Pin

CODE: NewDriverAngel


  The New Driver Angel Pin wears silver trousers, and sports silver wings and halo.  He has a silver heart at the chest that can be... More 

Noah Angel Pin - Superhero

CODE: Noah Angel Pin - Superhero


Our little Noah Superhero Angel Pin is sporting his red cape, ready to save the day.  He also has on his fire helmet, so he is always prepared to lend... More 

Noel Angel with guitar

CODE: Noel Angel with Guitar


Noel Angel with Guitar

Noel, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: NoelBoyAngel


  Noel, Boy Angel Pin wears a flowing split robe and a twisted halo.  Specify in the comments section of the order form any... More 

On Angels Wings

CODE: On Angel Wings


Angels feature a set of golden wings representing divine intervention, then the angel itself is based with a silver angel base.  Accessories are in a subtle golden tone

Papa Angel Pin

CODE: Papa Angel Pin


This dear Papa Angel Pin is all dressed in Silver.  His love for old cars is shown as well as his love for his faithful pet.  He has a heart of... More 

Personalized Angel Pin, Baby Jesse

CODE: BabyJesseAngel


  A little boy angel wearing silver britches and a twisted halo.  His name is etched in a silver heart and a golden dragon fly is... More 

Photography Angel Pin - Michael

CODE: Photography Angel Pin - Michael


Photography Angel Pin - Michael

Railroad Angel Pin

CODE: Railroad Angel Pin


The Railroad Angel Pin is all decked out in bright gold from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.  He is holding a silver train that he loved.

Ryan Angel Pin

CODE: Ryan Angel Pin


Boy ange pin with awareness ribbon

Shane, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: ShaneAngel


  Shane, Boy Angel Pin is flying with the dragonflies.  He has a pearl head and a silver baseball cap. Actual Size - 1 3/4 inches Order... More 

Snowboard Angel Pin, Ryan

CODE: Snowboard Angel Pin Ryan


Snowboard Angel Pin, Ryan

Soccer Angel Pin, Adam

CODE: Soccer Angel Pin, Adam


The Soccer Angel Pin is all decked out in silver with a golden halo atop his head.  He has his favorite soccer ball at his feet and an awareness ribbon... More 

Sports Dad Angel Pin

CODE: Sports Dad Angel Pin


Sports Dad Angel Pin

Student Angel Pin, Tim

CODE: StudentAngel


  Tim has golden wings, trousers and a ball cap.  The heart can be engraved with his name, up to 5 characters. To add engraving,... More 

Tennis Angel Pins, Norm

CODE: Tennis Angel Pins, Norm


Tennis Angel Pins, Norm

Twin Boys Angel Pin, Eric and Joshua

CODE: TwinBoysAngel


  The  Twin Boys Angel Pin has a golden heart where we can engrave their names and add a birthstone below their names.  Each little... More 

Two Boys Angel Pin

CODE: TwoBoysAngel


  The  Two Boys Angel Pin has two boy angels with their names engraved on a gold heart.  Jason wears a baseball cap and his little... More 

Uncle Steven Angel Pin

CODE: Uncle Steven Angel Pin


The Uncle Steven Angel pin just radiates Joy and Love.  All decked out in gold, this angel pin is jumping for joy with his hand outstretched.  He... More 

Wyatt ~ Cowboy Angel Pin

CODE: Wyatt Cowboy Angel Pin


cowboy angel pin