CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Boy Angel Pins

Boy Angel Pins

Brothers Angel Pin

CODE: BrothersAngel


  This angel pin depicts two boys, wearing baseball caps, one in silver, the other gold, both precious.  One is holding a baseball bat,... More 

Two Boys Angel Pin

CODE: TwoBoysAngel


  The  Two Boys Angel Pin has two boy angels with their names engraved on a gold heart.  Jason wears a baseball cap and his little... More 

Love Motorcycle Angel Pin

CODE: LoveMotorcycleAngel


  The love the 2nd time around is a boy and girl angel with their motorcycle. Motorcycle can be painted any color, be sure to include your... More 

Twin Boys Angel Pin, Eric and Joshua

CODE: TwinBoysAngel


  The  Twin Boys Angel Pin has a golden heart where we can engrave their names and add a birthstone below their names.  Each little... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Harley Motorcycle

CODE: BoyAngel,HarleyMotorcycle


  The  Harley Motorcycle Angel Pin has wings resembling the Harley Wings.  He wears a black ball cap, backwards of course. ... More 

Angel Hugs Angel Pin

CODE: AngelHugsAngel


  Angel Hugs Angel Pin portrays twin boy and girl angels, wings embracing.  Little Mackenzie is sneaking a little kiss on the cheek of... More 

Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

CODE: Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin


Motorcycle Guardian Angel Pin, Julie

Sports Dad Angel Pin

CODE: Sports Dad Angel Pin


Sports Dad Angel Pin

Camo Angel Pin - Casey

CODE: Camo Angel Pin - Casey


Rocking the Camo - This boy angel is all decked out in his camo, carrying a fishing pole and a shotgun - always ready for the outdoors.

On Angels Wings

CODE: On Angel Wings


Angels feature a set of golden wings representing divine intervention, then the angel itself is based with a silver angel base.  Accessories are in a subtle golden tone

Photography Angel Pin - Michael

CODE: Photography Angel Pin - Michael


Photography Angel Pin - Michael

Daddy Angel Pin, Firefighter

CODE: FirefighterDaddy


  This angel has a heart of gold with name engraved and birthstone beneath the name.  He carries his bible and a Maltese cross. ... More