CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Boy Angel Pins

Boy Angel Pins

Matthew Warren Angel Pin

CODE: Matthew Warren Angel Pin


  The Matthew Warren Angel Pin was designed in memory of Matthew and to bring more awareness to mental illness.  A portion of the... More 

Baby Boy Angel Pin, Benjamin

CODE: BabyBenjamin


  The Baby Boy Angel Pin, Benjamin has silver  butterfly wings, a silver halo and silver pants.  This angel pin has a tiny silver... More 

Baby Boy Angel Pin, Jadrien

CODE: BabyBoyJadrien


  The  Jadrien Angel Pin can have his name engraved on a gold heart with his birthstone below his name.  He has simple silver pants... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Charm

CODE: BoyCharm


  The Boy Angel Pin with a Cat is all silver except for his pearl head.  The heart on the chest of this angel pin can be engraved with... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Dennis

CODE: BoyAngel,Dennis


  The  Dennis Angel Pin just looks like a happy little angel.  He has little silver trousers and his wings are placed as if he is... More 

Boy Angel Pin, Travis

CODE: BoyAngel,Travis


  This angel pin has a heart of gold that can be engraved.  He loves music, symbolized by the music note on the wing and has an artist... More 

Eric Angel Pin

CODE: EricAngelPin


Male Nurse Angel Pin

Mitchell, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: BoyAngelPinMitchell


Mitchell, Boy Angel Pin

Joshua Angel Pin

CODE: Joshua Angel Pin


Boy Angel Pin with chef hat and dinosaur

Ryan Angel Pin

CODE: Ryan Angel Pin


Boy ange pin with awareness ribbon

Cowboy Dad Angel Pin

CODE: Cowboy Dad Angel Pin


Cowboy Dad Angel Pin

Brock Angel Pin, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: BrockAngel


  The  Brock Angel Pin wears silver britches, silver twisted halo and silver wings.  He has a golden heart engraved with his name... More