CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Baby Angel Pins

Baby Twin Angel Pin, Theresa and Bud

CODE: BabyTwinAngel


  The  Theresa and Bud Angel Pin are a delightful pair, one is silver, the other gold.  The heart they share can be engraved and a... More 

Baby Twin Angel Pin, Malia and Loris

CODE: BabyTwinAngels


  Twin Angels, sharing a rose.  They are facing each other with wings aflutter.  The rose bud has a place for a birthstone, or any... More 

Baby Angel Pin, Brother and Sister

CODE: BabyAngel


  The  Twin Boy and Girl Angel Pin wears silver skirt and trousers, and has silver butterfly wings.  They have a heart of gold that... More 

Hailey Grace, Baby Angel Pin

CODE: HaileyGraceAngel


  Hailey Grace Angel Pin has beautiful butterfly wings with 4 birthstones.  She is a princess and wears her crown proudly.  She has... More 

Born an Angel

CODE: BornAngel


  This angel wears a silver flowing gown with silver butterfly wings.  She has a necklace around her neck and a crystal halo on her... More 

Baby Girl Angel Pin, Emi

CODE: BabyGirlAngel


  The  Emi Angel Pin has sweet silver filigree wings, a tutu for her skirt with pink crystals and little dancing legs.  She has a... More 

Baby Angel Pin, Macaylah

CODE: BabyAngel,Macaylah


  The  Macaylah Angel Pin wears silver skirt, and has silver wings.  She has a sweet over skirt trimmed with flowers with her... More 

Baby Josie Angel Pin

CODE: Baby Josie Angel Pin


Baby Josie Angel Pin

Caroline Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Caroline Girl Angel Pin


Caroline Girl Angel Pin

Baby Angel Pin, Calypso

CODE: BabyCalypso


  This angel is bundled in a silver robe with silver quilted wings.  She has a heart at the neckline that can be engraved with her... More 

Erin, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ErinAngel


  Sweet innocence is portrayed in this precious little girl angel pin.  The skirt is simple with a ruffled hem and pink crystals. ... More 

Ava, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Ava, Girl Angel Pin


Ava, Girl Angel Pin