CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Baby Angel Pins

Riley Anne Angel Pin (You are my Sunshine)

CODE: Riley Anne Angel Pin (You are my


Riley Anne Angel Pin (You are my Sunshine)

Princess Angel Pin, Reed

CODE: PrincessReedAngel


  Princess Reed Angel Pin wears a sweet silver skirt hemmed in pink bows  She has fun silver wire wings, and a silver twisted halo that... More 

Princess Angel Pin, EB

CODE: PrincessEbAngel


  The  Princess EB Angel Pin is all decked out in silver.  She has playful wire wings and her skirt flows as she flitters here and... More 

Princess Angel Pin, Caitlin

CODE: PrincessCaitlinAngel


  This Princess Caitlin Angel Pin wears a sweet silver gown, that seems to flow as she flies about heaven.  She has silver wire wings... More 

Princess Angel Pin

CODE: PrincessAngel


  This precious, princess angel is very small, but so beautiful.  She wears a crown and a halo, with a flowing gown as she flutters... More 

Premature Birth Angel Pin

CODE: BabyAngel


  The  Alexia Marie Angel Pin has sweet, silver wire wings.  She wears a gold skirt and a gold halo.  The silver heart can be... More 

Personalized Angel Pin, Baby Jesse

CODE: BabyJesseAngel


  A little boy angel wearing silver britches and a twisted halo.  His name is etched in a silver heart and a golden dragon fly is... More 

Nicole, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: BabyGirlNicole


  The  Nicole, Baby Girl Angel Pin wears a playful little gold skirt with a bow at the neck.  Little gold whimsical wings add to... More 

Morgan, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: BabyGirlMorgan


  Morgan Angel Pin wears a loosely pleated, silver skirt, big beautiful butterfly wings and a twisted halo.  She is holding a large gold... More 

Molly, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: MollyAngel


  The  Molly Angel Pin wears a flowing silver skirt and lovely leaf wings.  She has a silver heart on her chest with her... More 

Madison, Baby Girl Angel pin

CODE: BabyGirlMadison


  Madison Angel Pin wears a skirt gathered at the bottom like a baby sleeper.  She has beautiful filigree, butterfly wings and a crystal... More 

Lauren Elizabeth, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: LaurenElizabethAngel


  This angel pin has airy, silver butterfly wings, a silver flowing gown with a gold bow at the neck  and a silver twisted halo.... More 

Kylee, Baby Angel Pin

CODE: KyleeBabyAngel


  This Angel Pin has a heart of gold with a  birthstone on the top left half.  Her gown resembles a baby quilt with a silver bow at... More 

Kebranda, Baby Girl Angel Pin

CODE: KebrandaAngel


  Kebranda, Baby Girl Angel Pin wears a simple flowing robe and a twisted halo. Her wings symbolize her fun loving personality. Actual Size... More 

Kayla, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: KaylaGirlAngel


  The Kayla Angel pin has silver wings, a pink skirt.  There is a silver heart on the chest which can be engraved with her name and a... More 

Ian, Baby Angel Pin

CODE: IanBabyAngel


  The Ian, Baby Angel Pin has antique gold feather wings and golden flowing trousers. The heart says “Love” and we have added the... More 

Harper Angel Pin

CODE: Harper Angel Pin


Harper Angel Pin

Hailey Grace, Baby Angel Pin

CODE: HaileyGraceAngel


  Hailey Grace Angel Pin has beautiful butterfly wings with 4 birthstones.  She is a princess and wears her crown proudly.  She has... More 

Girl Angel Pin, Ingrid

CODE: GirlAngel,Ingrid


  The  Ingrid Angel Pin wears a silver  flouncy gown with a drop waist sash. On her pearl head sits a silver twisted halo. ... More 

Ethan, Boy Angel Pin

CODE: EthanAngel


  The  Ethan Angel Pin wears playful silver trouser.  He has silver, uplifted filigree wings, and a twisted halo.  He has a... More 

Erin, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: ErinAngel


  Sweet innocence is portrayed in this precious little girl angel pin.  The skirt is simple with a ruffled hem and pink crystals. ... More 

Emma, Baby Angel Pin

CODE: Emma Baby Angel Pin


  The Emma, Baby Angel Pin is dressed in all silver and features a purple heart that can be engraved and a sweet purple bow on her head.... More 

Caroline Girl Angel Pin

CODE: Caroline Girl Angel Pin


Caroline Girl Angel Pin

Born an Angel

CODE: BornAngel


  This angel wears a silver flowing gown with silver butterfly wings.  She has a necklace around her neck and a crystal halo on her... More