CRYSTAL HALOS are no longer available.  The manufacturer of the halos has discontinued production.  ANY ANGEL shown with a crystal halo will be shipped with a golden halo instead.

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Angel Pins

Angel Pins

Wyatt ~ Cowboy Angel Pin

CODE: Wyatt Cowboy Angel Pin


cowboy angel pin

Wrestling Angel Pin

CODE: WrestlingAngel


  The wrestling angel pin is all decked out in silver, with a gold heart at the neckline.  The heart can be engraved with up to 5... More 

Wendy, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelWendy


  The Wendy, Girl Angel Pin wears a pleated gown with a perfect bow at the neck, flowers on her wings and a ladybug on her hem. Actual size... More 

Weight Loss Angel Pin

CODE: WeightLossAngel


  The  Quitting is not an Option Angel Pin wears a silver bubbled skirt and has silver wings.  She wears a twisted silver halo. The... More 

Weight Lifting Angel Pin

CODE: WeightLiftingAngel


Weight Lifting Angel Pin

Wedding Angel Pin, Missy

CODE: WeddingAngel,Missy


  The  Irish Wedding Angel Pin is all decked out in her wedding attire with a long flowing gown, beautiful, filigree butterfly wings and... More 

Wedding Angel Pin

CODE: WeddingAngel


  Two angels on one pin.  They are best friends and bride and groom.  They are inseparable.  Bride wears a full lace dress of... More 

Waitress Angel Pin

CODE: WaitressAngel


  Sweet silver angel with a soda bottle.  Her name can be engraved in the heart, To add engraving, click here Actual size... More 

Volleyball Angel Pin, Whitley

CODE: VolleyballAngel,Whitley


  The  Volleyball Angel is multi-tasking.  She's got her pink purse in one hand, on the way to shopping, while talking on her cell... More 

Vicki Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicki


Vicki Soto, Angel Pin

Vicci Lynell, Girl Angel Pin

CODE: GirlAngelVicciLynell


  The  Vicci Lynell, Girl Angel Pin wears a beautifully detailed silver gown.  She has silver, uplifted wings, a crystal halo and... More 

VFW Angel Pin, Lynn



  This amazing angel pin features beautiful silver butterfly wings with a lily discreetly displayed on one side and the American Flag on the... More