Did you find an angel design you just really love, but you don't like to wear pins? All of our designs can be used as a necklace, pin, tie tack or even a key ring charm. In the comments section of the shopping cart, simply request which type of angel jewelry you prefer.

Most of the angel pins can be worn as a pin or as a necklace, as shown in the picture on the left, by simply slipping the angel pin mechanism through your favorite chain. (Chains are not included, you will need to provide your own chain.)

If you prefer, we can add a bale to the top of the design instead of the pin mechanism, just request this in the comments section of the shopping cart.

This is one of my favorite ways to wear any pin because it gives a new use to the piece.  It's always nice to have options on how to wear a brooche and this idea is simple and easy.

Angel Pins can also be used as keychain charms. Request a bale instead of a pin mechanism and you can add the angel charm to your favorite key ring. (Key rings are not included, you will need to provide your own key ring.)

Angel Pins can be used in several different ways, just use your imagination.

You can convert your Angel Pin into any of the following

  • Necklace

  • Tie Tack for your tie

  • Tie Tack for your baseball cap or cowboy hat

  • Key Chain Charm

  • Ornament (great for a small tree or to hang on your rearview mirror)

  • Pinned to the sun visor in your car

Everyone needs to have a reminder of their guardian angel. Guardian Angel Jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. Carla's Angels can also custom design angel jewelry for you. Just e-mail us with your request.

Angel Earrings

Angel Earrings are available upon request. Just e-mail us with your ideas of what you would like. As earrings are designed, they will be added to our on-line catalog. Earrings are available in post, clip or dangle, be sure to let me know which you prefer. In some cases, we may be able to duplicate the angel pin design in the earring, but in smaller version, in other cases, we will design angel earrings to coordinate with a pin, but the earrings will not be exactly the same as the pin design. You can also just order two identical angel pins and ask us to make them into earrings for you instead of pins.

You can use angel pins in a variety of ways. Please e-mail us with any ideas that you may have on variations or ask us a question if you need to. We will be happy to assist you.