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Alzheimer Caregiver Angel Pin

Alzheimer Caregiver Angel Pin

CODE: AlzheimerAngel



This beautiful angel wears a silver skirt with a small gathering of "forget-me-nots" at the neckline.  She has dove wings stretched to the side and holding a heart with a band-aid, helping it mend.

Actual Size -
2 1/2 inches
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Alzheimer's Caregiver Angel Pin
Price $19.95

This angel pin was a custom design requested by the widow of an Alzheimer's patient.

My husband, Chuck Haynali died of Alzheimer's disease.  It will be 3 years on January 17.  I would love to have an angel with a band-aid on a heart and some white crystals.  I also have a support group on the internet.  You can visit my web-site at  I am the founder of this organization and an advocate for this terrible disease.  A special pin would be awesome. We are fighting for more research for this disease.  I will promote this pin in my support group.

Thanks Again

Carolyn Haynali
Founder & Spokesperson of the Caregivers Army org.

I love it Carla! Thank you so much! This angel has a lot of meaning to me .

Chuck said to me one day "don't forget about me" and believe me I have not.

the heart with the band-aid says a lot, the heart is hurting and nothing can fix Alzheimer's disease.

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